Ahotaku’s Random Shit – Episode 3

Now I know how a woman feels when she gets ogled by every guy she passes. For me, the experience was with gay men at midnight at a local McDonald’s. So unnerving.

Finally, Miku Expo Gold tickets sell out. But only for the 2nd show. And that happened less than a week before the concert. I’m guessing they ain’t coming back to Indonesia. First and final concert it is then.

So there’s a lot of buzz about Ennichisai, especially about the cosplayers. Apparently, a girl with a 10/10 face rating wearing a yellow shirt and a Pikachu hat is considered a “perfect cosplay”. A girl showing off her weapons of mass distraction but did horrible in the makeup and styling department can also be considered “perfect cosplay”.  Superficial hobby is superficial. No wonder cosplayers hate each other.

There I was, minding my own business with Mai Mai Plus. I was having an enjoyable time mashing buttons. Suddenly, an asshole comes over, introduces himself and starts scrutinizing how I play and also my gloves (he was under the impression that he was giving me advice). After I’m done, he starts playing on Master level. It was like a big “haha, you n00b” right to my fucking face. Fucking dickhead.

Any of you watched the new X-Men movie already? I had to dish out 4 bucks for a movie I wasn’t a fan of just because of social pressure (my friends were watching and they dragged me along). Also, those people watching? I bet 50 percent of them don’t know shit about the movie and are just there to update their Facebook statuses just to show they’re at the top of the social ladder.

Being high-class doesn’t give a person permission to be a huge dick. My friends and I were planning on hanging out a bar, when suddenly, the manager denied us access because my friend was wearing a hoodie and a masker. He had a bad cold, just for the record. He finally let us in after we convinced him we were able to pay. On the way out, my sick friend asked the receptionist for the bar’s number, just in case he wanted to make a reservation. The receptionist gave him a brochure and he went ballistic because he worked in a Japanese company where name cards were the rule of thumb. It was funny and the bar got served a hefty dose of fuck you.

You know Prabowo, Indonesia’s presidential candidate? Have you read his party’s manifesto? Most of it is bullshit. But the last political figure I knew who spoke for “religious purity” was Hitler. So, he just lost my vote.


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