Miku Expo Day 1: Crazed Fans Storm Miku Expo!

Hi there, I just got back from Miku Expo! And there’s a lot of stuff (people) there! There I was, thinking that I could easily queue 2 hours before. I was so wrong. I’ve heard that the line had already started since 12 PM GMT +7! Talk about dedication! Anyway, since I had a concert ticket, I had premium access into the Expo. So long, non-ticket holders!

I immediately rushed to the COSPA stand, only to pushed around in the crowd. The security had to set up extra queue lines to bring order to the chaos which (I think) they underestimated.


  • The venue was supposed to open at 4 pm GMT+7. It did open right on the clock. And 15 minutes later, ALL Snow Miku 2014 Nendoroids were sold out. I was like, WTF seriously?!
  • Fans were crazed. Literally. They stormed the area once the gates were opened to the point where security had to take over. In the craze to purchase COSPA and Good Smile goods, 3 glass showcases became victims. Yup, fans caused THREE glass showcases to break. Tsk tsk. That won’t look good… unless they sell out of merchandise, which is highly likely since in just 2 hours, Snow Miku 2012 figmas sold out, followed by tumblers and sticker packs. You got your money now, Crypton! Now give us another concert!
  • I had to queue for 1.5 hours just to purchase a bit of merchandise. Yeah, the line was long, but the cashiers were overwhelmed. There was only 1 cashier and even with 5 staff working at once, they weren’t able to process orders as fast as usual. And even though I had to wait long, they still greeted me (in Japanese) and treated me kindly even after I went a bit berserk because my order was held back. So I bought some extra merchandise. Thanks for your hard work, Miku Expo staff! The security guards also did their jobs well. They managed to handle the crowd pretty well.
  • Overall, the venue area was really small. I was done touring it in less than 5 minutes. But the amount of pictures and everything related to Miku… SO MUCH! The artwork gallery was beautiful; there were many drawings by KEI and other artists. There was a selection of KARENT songs (just 5 or so); Miku figures, Nendoroids, figma, and even rare PVCs like this Junk Miku; a booth for trying out the Vocaloid mobile app game; and even a Bushiroad stand. But there’s something even more awesome. A 1:1 scale life-size Miku statue, imported directly from Japan! Hell yeah!


I arrived at 3 pm GMT+7 and it was already like this…
Hello Jakarta!
A rich douchebag just drove by with a Miku itasha, causing hundreds of people to cheer.
Staff working hard! Also, Sakura Miku doesn’t sell well. Snow Miku 2014 sold out in 15 minutes after gates opened.
Random person of the day: Safety first, because you never know when a policeman is lurking around!


Kagamine Rin Meltdown ver. PVC figure
Graffiti on the Piapro wall!
HOLY SHIT life-sized Miku statue!!
From another angle.
Rare one-of-a-kind Junk Miku figure.
Random horsehead praying to Miku.
Random horsehead is random.

So that’s my story for the first day! Stay tuned for my second day report after I watch the concert! But don’t expect any photos or videos (especially videos, because I’m a law-abiding fan and don’t give two shits about you who can’t watch live). Till then, later! My legs are so sore…



5 thoughts on “Miku Expo Day 1: Crazed Fans Storm Miku Expo!

  1. Seeing all your pictures and how you’ve said about how you’ve gone berserk, I know, saw, met, and talked to you. I’m the guy with glasses whose orders are also held back and the last owner of snow miku’s figma Do you remember me? Lol. You bought one item only right?


  2. Guess it doesn’t quite complete unless you took a photo of yourself prostrating in front of life-sized Miku. LOL


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