Miku Expo Day 2: I Got Extremely Lucky!

Yada yada yada Miku Expo, yada yada merchandise, yada yada insert uninteresting introduction here. I’m too tired to come up with an intro.

Anyway, I didn’t bring a decent camera, so don’t expect high quality photos. And, I’ll be taking some photos from the official Fan Page because they already posted official photos of the concert.

Let’s just cut to the chase!


  • I woke up at 6 am. At 7 am, I headed to the venue. At 8 am I arrived. At 10 am, gates opened. 10.01: a horde of crazed fans storm into the fortress. 10.10: Snow Miku nendoroid sold out. STILL DIDN’T GET THAT SNOW MIKU NENDOROID!! Why must you torment me like this, you cute ice devil! Oh well, might as well wait for my pre-ordered one that’s arriving in July…
  • While I was waiting in line, I had the chance to speak to some Japanese Miku fans. They were really nice, and offered me this candy, exclusive from Miku Wings Shop at Japanese airports. The taste? So. Fucking. Delicious. I should really start saving up to go to Japan…
  • So, the concert hall was quite large and the seating was quite good. What are the perks of sitting in Gold? You get blasted by the sound system because the Gold seats were in the line of fire of an awesome sound system. It left my ears ringing and head spinning, but hell yeah, totally worth it! I also got to see Miku, but from a 45-degree or so angle. But still, the hologram projection was great and the band rocked! Also, the stage special effects were totally wicked! Fireworks, confetti, and even dense smoke made the fun factor triple!
  • Should I spoil the playlist? Should I? Well, there were like 20 or so songs, featuring not only Miku, but the ENTIRE Vocaloid gang. And by entire Vocaloid gang I mean Miku, Kaito, Rin & Len, Luka and Meiko. Nobody loves IA or Lily… The songs were “classics”, like the all-time favorite “Tell Your World”, “Luka Luka Night Fever”, “Double Lariat”, “Senbonzakura”, and “Romeo and Cinderella”. Yeah, those were the only songs I recognized. Ah, and there was also a song by VOCALO.ID (the Indonesian Vocaloid composer community) titled “Venus di Ujung Jari”. Rock on, Indonesia! See the complete setlist here.
  • I was noticed by some of the Japanese fan base, and they let me borrow two light sticks that can change colors and were really bright. So I really stood out and could change colors according to the song! Thanks a lot, guys!
  • And I exited the concert hall, did a few ‘business’ meetings to increase this blog’s popularity. Turns out my post on Miku Expo made it to Japan and has become an item of hot discussion! I even got interviewed by 39ch (the official Miku Channel on YouTube) and Hochi Shimbun (a sports newspaper which is a media partner)! I even met with an admin of AFA Channel!
  • But the best part of Miku Expo Day 2 was… I got to watch the concert a SECOND TIME! Yep, due to unforeseen circumstances, I was allowed inside (in a fucking PLATINUM seat), no extra charge! As a result, I went home wasted, tired, and with Batman’s coarse voice. But the experience was totally worth it! Thank you, Miku!


Note: Concert photos are owned by Crypton Future Media. I took them from the Miku Expo 2014 FB fan page. For the full album, click here.

I don’t know this song, but when Miku opened her wings, it was fucking epic!
When this song played, I forgot all sanity and jumped and screamed like a fucking mental patient.
When this song (Tell Your World) played, I forgot all sanity and jumped and screamed like a fucking mental patient.

Anyway, I lack the vocabulary to express my unlimited gratitude to everyone involved in the making of Miku Expo 2014, from the band, the programmers, the technicians and especially to the awesome people at SOZO. You guys have allowed me to live the dream of seeing Miku in (almost) 3D! Again, thank you very much! I’ll be seeing you guys at AFAID in August!



One thought on “Miku Expo Day 2: I Got Extremely Lucky!

  1. hahahaha u are lucky bastards!!
    you saw miku concert twice at the same day!!! and more of that no charge????!!!!!
    damn luck!!!


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