Well, This is Awkward: Of Miku and YouTube

Hey there, I finally recovered after yesterday’s double concert run and I was just reading my FB news feed for info about Miku Expo. Everything was hunky-dory: the staff were pleased, fans were pleased, everyone was in a good mood (Miku and friends too, I guess). But then… a single post ruined my day, thus worthy of this short rant.

This son of a bitch needs to be thrown into a black hole.
This son of a bitch needs to be thrown into a black hole.

I just couldn’t believe my eyes. I heard from a passing someone on the morning of Day 2 of Miku Expo that concert videos have found their way on YouTube! I was speechless! Even after all of the precautions, the warnings BEFORE the concert, and even death threats prior to the event (okay, going overboard there), a brilliant, motherfucking fucktard recorded the concert and proudly posted it on YouTube!

If I were able to, I’d rip his balls out, tear his heart out, skin him, dip him in boiling oil and then flash-freeze him in liquid nitrogen… and then kill him.

Luckily. AFA’s response was quick and firm. They demanded the user to delete the video in an hour or else. Now the video is marked as private, meaning that only the uploader can view it. But it has reached around 2 million views (or so), meaning that around 2 million people may have already downloaded the illegal footage.

Surely this is a lesson for us all.

I’m on the side of the event organizers here. Of course, everybody should be. They were the ones who sacrificed their time, energy, and sanity to make this event happen. The band, technicians, and even the behind-the-scenes programmer responsible for the fucking hologram; they are all honest people getting paid to deliver happiness to us fans. And as fans, at least a tiny shred of respect should be given to the people who give us access to our fandom.

But I don’t think the word “respect” is in the lexicon of the fucktard (refers to YouTube ID: Fetboy Slim) who uploaded the video in the first place.

If only he understood how hard it is to make a hologram dance and sing. If only he understood the effort put in by the event organizers just to deliver this piece of awesomeness that is Miku to Indonesia. If only he understood what his actions may result in the future. If only he could FUCKING READ THE RULES POSTED ON THE FUCKING WEBSITE AND THE FUCKING CONCERT SCREEN!

Currently, a campaign to clean up videos is going on. You can participate by scouring the Internet for videos of the Indonesian concert and reporting it to Anime Festival Asia. This campaign is spearheaded by Indonesia’s own Vocaloid fan group: Vocaloid Lovers Indonesia. By the way, I’m not an admin of that group, so this isn’t shameless self-promotion. Nevertheless, we need everyone’s help to clean up.

Because if this kind of foul play continues, we may witness the decline of high-class J-events in Indonesia… or worse, MORE KOREAN EVENTS! NOOOOOOOO~

It’s not just me who is disappointed, but a LOT of fans. This message below, taken from Mikufan.com’s FB fan page, best expresses the feelings (read: rage and disappointment) of the Vocaloid fan base:

This post is aimed at the people who recorded and uploaded unauthorized footage from the Miku Expo in Jakarta concert events. I would like for them to see this message, but I would also like fans everywhere to read this, so you can help:

At the people who recorded the event… You will be bringing shame not only on yourself by the Vocaloid community, but also your entire country of Indonesia. This is the first time in official Vocaloid concert history that anyone has disrespected and broke the rules by recording and uploading unauthorized video of an event. Your concert tickets clearly stated such activities were not allowed.

YOUR country was the first to do such a thing. Not Japan, not the U.S.A., not Singapore, not Hong Kong, and not Taiwan. YOURS (EDIT: This detail needed to be cited and may not be true, but does not justify the actions of what took place at this event). Crypton brought this event to your country because it was requested by fans, and they have even taken a FINANCIAL LOSS just to make it happen. They did it to answer your call, and make the fans happy. And how do you thank them? You break their trust. It is highly shameful and disgraceful.

To the people responsible, you may have very well hurt the chances of another future event in Indonesia, and I hope you will realize the seriousness of what you have done. What can you do to make up for it? Come forward and apologize. Additionally, all traces of the video should be deleted from YouTube, Facebook, wherever. This applies to EVERYONE. If you downloaded a copy, feel free to keep it to yourself. But do not repost it online.

If you speak English and Indonesian, I encourage you to share and translate this message to every fan you know in Indonesia so this message can be seen by the people responsible. It should also be seen by others who are also contributing to the problem by uploading copies to their personal or private pages.

Thank you to everyone for reading, and I would hope that something like this never happens again.

A long time dedicated and severely disappointed Vocaloid fan.

Thanks for reading and let’s start cleaning up boys!



3 thoughts on “Well, This is Awkward: Of Miku and YouTube

  1. yeah i agree with you! this is really awkward!
    i just hope this is not the last miku expo in Indonesia.
    why there always some idiot who want to destroy others people hope.
    and worst of it, some other people re upload the video


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