Ahotaku’s Playlist: 20 Vocaloid Songs You Should Listen To

My blog covers very little music-related aspects, so I’ve been lurking on YouTube in search for nice Vocaloid music to add to my phone’s playlist. That way, I won’t get bored waiting for the unreliable buses in Jakarta.

I’ll let you know beforehand that this list isn’t ordered in any specific manner and the videos belong to their respective creators.

1. Dixie Flatline feat. Megurine Luka – Just be Friends

First, I start off with the reason I’m still single a classic song. I always keep this song in my phone and sometimes use it to remember about my previous relationships. It also has a catchy tune and I sing it in the shower because the pitch is just right for me, despite being sung by a Vocaloid.

2. Dixie Flatline feat. Megurine Luka – Answer

The sequel to “Just Be Friends”. It just doesn’t feel right to have JBF and not have Answer in the same playlist. The reason I like this song is that it slaps me in the face so hard, telling me to let go of the past and move on. A beautiful and sad song.

3. DECO*27 feat. Hatsune Miku – Ai Kotoba

Ah, one of my all-time favorites. The lyrics are simple and meaningful, the music is nice, and Miku just sounds so cute in this! Also another sing-in-the-shower songs.

4. DECO*27 feat. Hatsune Miku – Ai Kotoba II

Yeah, I was surprised too. Ai Kotoba has a sequel?! Ai Kotoba II is basically the first Ai Kotoba, tweaked and fine-tuned, with a change of lyrics. DECO*27 still uses simple Japanese to get his point across. Though simple, the lyrics really speak out.

5. Asa feat. Kasane Teto – Kagami no Naka Kara Memories

Yeah, technically, Teto is an UTAUloid. But she always appears alongside Miku, so yeah. This particular song is a really sad one, about someone who can’t forget about their beloved one. Also another sing-in-the-shower song, mainly because of the slow tempo, just-right pitch and simple lyrics.

6. IA feat. Hatsune Miku – iNSaNiTY

I’ve only recently discovered IA – Aria on the Planetes, but I’ve already fallen in love with her. Now, this song is electro and the tune is really catchy. So, if you’re a person driven by insanity, perhaps you may want to listen to this. Also, IA’s voice is like Miku + Luka + GUMI’s combined. She’s also mysteriously pretty.

7. Comso@BusouP feat. Hatsune Miku – Leaping from Zero to Infinity

If Disappearance of Hatsune Miku was about Miku’s destruction, this song tells the story of how Miku became to be what she is today: infinite. Just like Disappearance, Miku sings at an ultra-high speed at some parts. The background music is upbeat and if you listen closely, is a mash-up of Cosmo@Busou’s previous works. In this song, Cosmo makes Miku sound strong and emotional, which makes me really absorbed.

8. Takebo3 and Hatsune Miku – Glad You’re A Lolicon

One of the lighter songs I like, mainly because of Miku’s cute voice. The lyrics are funny and in no way endorse pedophilia. This song makes me laugh every time I hear it.

9. John Zeroness feat. Hatsune Miku – Meteor

A slow and long song which I like to listen to before sleeping. It’s really soothing and the music is just epic. Really, just close your eyes while listening to this and imagine flying through space. Reminds me of Final Fantasy music.

10. HachiojiP feat. Hatsune Miku – Horizon

One of the more upbeat, cheerful songs in my playlist. I listen to this every morning and really like the part when Miku sings “I can fly away!” For me, it’s liberating.

11. kz(livetune) feat. Hatsune Miku – DECORATOR

Another cheerful song which makes me want to dance every time it plays. livetune has always been one of my favorite composers ever since I’ve listened to Tell Your World, so it’s not an Ahotaku playlist if it doesn’t have livetune.

12. kz(livetune) x HachiojiP feat. Hatsune Miku – Weekender Girl

Two electro artists come together and create one of the best songs about the weekend ever made! Listen to this on a Saturday morning to get you revved up for the weekend!

13. Jigokugata feat. GUMI – Facebook Indulging Girl

A rather creepy but deep song about a girl addicted to Facebook. I like the meaningful lyrics, describing how social media can be “virtual chains” in our lives. Also one of my favorite GUMI songs.

14. Reruriri feat. Hatsune Miku and GUMI – Noushou Sakuretsu Girl

Another song sung at a speed only Vocaloids and experienced rappers can reach. A rather random song with lyrics that are really open to interpretation.

15. Junky feat. Hatsune Miku – ZIGG ZAGG

Playing Mai Mai Plus made me know this song and I’ve never regretted it. With a BPM of around 130ish, it’s also my warm-up song when playing Mai Mai Plus on Master difficulty. And I’m also in the process of learning the dance too.

16. Hachi feat. Hatsune Miku – Musunde Hiraite Rasetsu to Mukuro 

A creepy song sung by a Vocaloid. Double the creepy. The dark lyrics are interpreted differently by different people, but the tune of this song is what makes me cringe in fear every time I listen to it.

17. CHOMU-P feat. Kagamine Rin – Pantsu Nugeru Mon!

Another random Vocaloid song bordering on the pervy side. I don’t know about you, but does taking off your panties (for the girls of course) really induce that feel of liberation? I thought it was only bras… Nevertheless, Rin’s cute voice is cute.

18. Junky feat. Kagamine Rin – Melancholic

One of those supposedly love-themed songs sung by Rin. If she’s not in love, she’s either getting blown up or dying. Anyway, this song is about Rin not understanding how she could fall in love in someone, thus inducing melancholy. Great for those rainy days or for maidens struck with love.

19. Kagamine Rin and Len – Synchronicity Trilogy

This song is the child of Vocaloid and Final Fantasy. Listen as Len embarks on an epic adventure to save his sister, Rin, from the dragon delivered in ye olde medieval style. If bards had Vocaloid back in the Medieval Age, they’d sing this.

20. DECO*27 feat. GUMI – Yowamushi Mont Blanc

The last song is one of my favorites from DECO*27 mainly because of the rhythm and soothing music.

And that concludes the list! So, what’s on your playlist?


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