Anime Weekly – Spring 9-10: Black Bullet pulls a GRRM

I should really consider renaming this section “Anime Biweekly”… Ever since a friend pushed Game of Thrones on me, I’ve stopped downloading anime and have been doing some extreme binge-watching just to catch up with Season 4. Anyway…


The war against Gastrea Aldebaran draws closer. Monolith 32 is almost destroyed. Shouldn’t they be focusing on reconstruction efforts? Nope, let’s have Rentaro and Enju play school first.

Rentaro’s adjuvant is finally complete, thanks to a Seitenshi-Ex-Machina involving Seitenshi suddenly re-registering Tina’s rank. And welcome the new members of the party, Rentaro’s senpai and his loli, a Cat-type killing machine that is just too cute for her own sake.

Ominous bullshit here and there, and add a mandatory speech that can’t match Independence Day, and let’s fast forward to… Rentaro and Kisara being teachers. Seriously, is it really that easy to get a teacher’s license in New Tokyo? Well, I guess they won’t care who educates the Cursed Lolis. Anyway, Rentaro suddenly gets 5 marriage proposals from his students, and that’s not including the obvious Enju and Tina.

Kisara and Rentaro reassess their relationship, as Kisara suddenly becomes softer and Rentaro more assertive. Oh c’mon you two, fuck each other already! Armageddon’s coming, why not do Enju and Tina too?!

But before the war against Aldebaran, we need the hero to find resolve first. So, how do make the protagonist become more revved up for the fight? First, a warm-up. People are pissed about Aldebaran and are taking out their anger on the Cursed Lolis. Remember that one loli who was blind with lead in her eyes? Yeah, she’s back and downtrodden. Rentaro comes to her aid and saves her. Now that that’s over, let’s move to how Black Bullet would be if the psycho George R. R. Martin was the creator.

Rentaro and Enju goes to school. The school is no longer there. A gaping crater replaces the open-air classroom. All of Rentaro’s students are dead.

I shouted at my screen the moment that happened.

Aldebaran has to go down in the next 2 episodes!

The party has been assembled.
The party has been assembled.
Speech has nothing on Independence Day.
Speech has nothing on Independence Day.
Also, mandatory spirit-lifting shouts.
Also, mandatory spirit-lifting shouts.
Your smile gives me diabetes.
Your smile gives me diabetes.
Loli pile up!
Loli pile up!
Must... not... rage...
Must… not… rage…
The girl who sings at the war's dawn.
The girl who sings at war’s dawn.

Mahouka 10-11: Miyuki makes girls question their sexuality

So Mahouka is still going strong with its long-winded expositions of magic physics and the already-annoying glorification of its protagonist. God I haven’t seen a protagonist this overpowered since the days of SAO. Anyway…

It’s the Quidditch World Cup! Wait, sorry, wrong series. Ahem, it’s the Nine Schools Competition, when the Nine Schools compete for glory! In other words, it’s an event where young wizards gather together to play Magical Olympics. And it’s still being held even when another terrorist organization is on the loose. Hope the Munich Olympics doesn’t repeat itself…

At the very beginning of episode 10, Tatsuya gives us yet another elaborate lecture on how magic can be used to make a kamikaze car. One good thing about this is that once I finish this anime, I’ll have a degree in the Physics of Magic and I can finally pursue my dream of being a magic engineer. And if that wasn’t enough, he provides commentary during the matches too, so we Muggles can understand what is going on.

Every anime needs a bath house episode, and Mahouka’s been a bit late on that. But your waiting has been rewarded, pervs! Episode 10 is the mandatory bath house episode and who better to star in it other than Miyuki. As she steps into the water, she makes the girls question their sexuality, proving that she is just as perfect as her brother, who can make men become gay.

On to some more serious stuff, Tatsuya gets called into a meeting with the military higher-ups… which turns out to be just small talk. Meh.

And in episode 11, we revisit Tatsuya’s inability to understand the horny girls around her.

Can we just skip to the next terrorist attack?

But first, bewwwbs~
But first, bewwwbs~
Miyuki, making young girls question their sexuality since 2014.
Miyuki, making young girls question their sexuality since 2014.
He's also resistant to bewbs.
He’s also resistant to bewbs.
He must be made of the densest material on Earth.
He must be denser than tungsten.

No Game No Life 9-10: Revelation of the Masochistic Flugel and the NEET’s Downfall

Plot twist ahoy in episode 10! But first, let’s see how Shiro survives being apart from her brother.

In episode 8, Sora suddenly disappeared. Even we, the audience, couldn’t see that coming! Anyway, it was all just a game designed by Kurami (only to be counter-smarted by Sora) to challenge Sora so that he can’t bet Imanity’s race piece. But then, Shiro comes to his rescue thanks to her amazing information processing abilities.

Now, the game between the Warbeasts is just around the corner and what to do before a war? Apparently, to let bygones be bygones, Sora arranges an introduction session for the party members. We also get a glimpse of Jibril’s perverted side and she’s one hot Flugel when she gets horny…

Ahem, moving on…

After the introduction session, the party still needs to get along and what better way to get along than a nice, hot bath together. Because… history. Well, in Sora’s case, he just wants to see the girls naked. Cue another bath house episode! Man, No Game No Life just loves abusing bath houses…

And now, on to the real games! They thought they were going to be playing video games in a VR simulator, but oh boy, were they wrong! They ended up in the middle of bustling urban Tokyo, the NEET’s ultimate nightmare. Yup, the Imanity are screwed. Unless Steph and Jibril can play the game…

That must be really comfy.
That must be really comfy.
The masochistic Flugel.
The masochistic Flugel.
See, Steph can also be smart.
See, Steph can also be smart.
Being outdoors is Blank's kryptonite.
Being outdoors is Blank’s kryptonite.



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