Ahotaku’s Random Shit – Episode 4


All this buzz about the upcoming presidential election is getting out of hand. People are suddenly expert politics observers, you don’t know which piece of information is truthful or not, and people are fighting each other, friends becoming foes, just because of 4 people fighting against each other. Now I truly understand how Stephanie Dola feels.

In other news, I’ve just realized how good NTR feels. Especially if you’re the one doing the stealing. Muehehehehe.

Don’t watch TV, especially in Indonesia. When not trying to defame others, TV constantly blows up celebrity gossip, glorifies the hedonistic, and feeding the masses a bunch of shit.

The same goes for Facebook in Indonesia. Although it’s a whole lot funnier. Actually, the drama’s much better than TV.

Good, Game of Thrones Season 4 is over. I can now catch up. Still on Season 2, by the way.

I never have been a huge fan of soccer and I don’t give a shit about the World Cup. I do, though, praise the LA Kings for winning the Stanley Cup.

Don’t live in Jakarta without a disposable income of at least IDR 2000K. You won’t be able to enjoy the good things, trust me.




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