Ahotaku’s Playlist: Top 5 Kagamine Rin Songs

Hey there, back with my playlist recommendations! Last time, I gave you guys my 20 recommended Vocaloid songs. Today, I’m sharing my top 5 Kagamine Rin songs. Why, you ask? Because Rin is a loli Vocaloid that deserves a lot more love. Also, she’s my third-favorite Vocaloid, mainly because of her being a loli. If you have to know, Luka is in second place, and Miku is tied up with IA at the top.

Most of Rin’s songs are cheery. Some are dark. A rule of thumb is: in her songs, she’s either (1) in love, (2) depressed, (3) getting killed off, or (4) being completely random.

So without further ado, here’s some Rin for you! Please note that this list is not ordered in any specific manner, because I’m lazy.

1. Melancholic

I’ll start off with one my favorite songs from my favorite composer, Junky. In this song, Rin is a melancholic melancholist experiencing melancholy because of she doesn’t understand herself. I like her voice in this video. She sounds like a robotic loli with extreme life problems.

2. Meltdown

Okay, I have had this song in my playlist for two years now and I still have difficulty understanding the meaning of the lyrics. So basically, in this song, she jumps into a nuclear reactor and re-emerges as an adult version Rin. So, I’m guessing the nuclear reactor represents the hardships she endures to become a full-fledged adult? Or she just wants to kill herself? Anyway, it’s one of those songs where she gets killed.

3. Pantsu Nugeru Mon!

A rather pervy song about Rin exercising her right to go commando because she’s an adult. I’m not complaining.


4. Suki Daisuki

This song is just so cute! Rin is a bashful girl who likes someone, but doesn’t have the guts to say it to his face. So, she acts like an adorable fool before finally being able to confess her feelings.

5. Kokoro

One of the sadder songs. Rin is a robot, made by a scientist. But, she yearns to have human feelings, a heart, a KOKORO. Seriously, this song is full of feels.

BONUS! Juvenile

Okay, I like to think this song as a justification for Len and Rin being siblings. Siblings involved in incest. Or WIN-cest. Or if you’re normal (unlike me), it’s a song about Len and Rin falling in love as rebellious teenagers. It’s a pretty nice upbeat rap. And yes, it is technically a Rin & Len song, but sometimes, we need to have the two complete each other.

So there’s my top 5 Kagamine Rin songs. Now, listen to a machine loli singing absurd songs. Stay tuned for my next Playlist!


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