Ahotaku’s Random Shit – Episode 5

What if I told you, nobody cares about this section?

As the elections draw near, we Indonesians are more bigoted than ever. Seriously, who cares if our President is a Christian, an atheist, a Mormon, or even a worshiper of Satan? Also, who cares if he’s Javanese, Melanesian, Asian, or even Caucasian? If he runs the country well enough, y’all are gonna be satisfied anyway. But then again, bigotry comes from lack of education and most of our voters only have a grade school diploma, so yeah, no wonder it’s so easy to get them fired up over religion or race. I’m serious; just say someone important is Jewish and conspiring with the Zionists and in 30 seconds to 2 hours, an angry mob clad in white and armed with clubs and loud motorcycles will storm the streets. Or post angry comments on Facebook. Depends on internet connection and brain capacity.

Also related to elections. Until the elections finish, don’t trust any Indonesian media. They’re all biased. Stick with Reuters and Economist. There’s a cacophony of lies, fabricated stories, and provocative tweets and the only thing I believe in is myself.

Finally landed myself a girlfriend (again). Good, now I can enjoy quiet dinners and go to the movies together. And when I say ‘movies’, I meant my BD-Rip collection on my 750GB + 250GB hard drive. I ain’t watching no 3D movies. 3D sucks. Unless it’s 4DX3D. Now that’s awesome shit right there.

After two years, I’m back at osu! again. Is it just me, or did this game just get significantly harder? Maybe it’s just my rusty skills.





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