Ahotaku’s Weekly Rants and Review – Episode 4

Abe successfully pushes for constitutional reinterpretation

On the first of July, Shinzo Abe’s cabinet succeeded in changing Japan’s security policy. The changes now allow the JSDF to participate in collective security, which means they can finally shoot people abroad unlike that humiliating moment during the Gulf War when the JSDF were powerless because they weren’t allowed to return fire.

This move will certainly invoke China’s wrath, but I’d say China had it coming, them being jerks and all in the Senkaku Islands. Now that the JSDF can legally kill people abroad, is it not time to resume research on the military possibilities of the HAL exoskeleton? Or even the life-scale Gundam?

Indonesian politics gets crazier

I know I’m supposed to be fired up about the upcoming election because I study politics, but seriously, it’s getting way out of hand here. It’s gotten to the point where I can’t even stop laughing. My Facebook news feed is full of propaganda, people suddenly becoming politics-savvy intellectuals, and Photoshopped images that are obviously fake but people think are true. Campaigning also gets crazier with plagiarizing Queen songs and wearing apparel reminiscent of Nazi Germany in a half-assed music video.

Even the media’s losing their minds. As good source material runs out, Jakarta Post has resorted to publishing this kind of shit. Who fucking cares if Jokowi likes ‘warteg’ food and Prabowo likes ‘nasi goreng’?!

It’s a good thing I don’t have a TV. Shit’s even crazier on TV, with all the biased media glorifying one person and ruthlessly berating the other.




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