Ahotaku’s Random Shit – Episode 6

Media’s abuzz about Israel and Palestine again. I guess when it comes to action, states are just like a bunch of toddlers competing for space at the sandbox.

Still on Israel and Palestine. I find it odd that a majority of Indonesian only view the conflict from a religious perspective, that the Jews are evil and Muslims are always right. Perhaps they need a crash course in “The Study of Why Shit Happens in the World”, because the issue is not religion; it’s territory.

Still on Israel and Palestine. A bunch of religious “scholars” (I doubt the “scholar” part, but there’s no word in English which comes close to the word in Indonesian) protested KFC and McDonald’s a while back, urging them to halt business operations for three days to show support to their Muslim brothers in Palestine. I guess whenever Muslims are under attack, KFC and other fast food joints are directly responsible for supplying the aggressor’s with fried chicken and burgers. Of course, KFC and McDonald’s didn’t close down. Why would they?

Now, ISIS is coming to Indonesia. Unlike Facebook and every other sane organization out there (yes, a country could be considered an organization in a sense), the Indonesian government isn’t doing shit. If shit does hit the fan with these ISIS whackjobs, you’ll find me on the first flight to Canada. Oh and parents, if you or your children get brainwashed by these ISIS nutjobs, consider yourself a bad parent for not teaching your kids the difference between religion and a cult of zealous psychos acting in the name of religion.

Oh cool, AFAID 2014 will be here in 11 days. I don’t care about the guest cosplayers, I’m just excited for what may be my last big event related to cosplay and J-culture as a whole.


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