AFAID 2014 Report

Me as Aiden Pearce from WATCH_DOGS at AFAID.
Me as Aiden Pearce from WATCH_DOGS at AFAID.

Hey there people, long time no see! I forced myself to leave my vacation early so I could attend AFAID 2014 in Jakarta. It was a fun event, but that’s it. It’s just an event. Now that I think about it, I’m glad I didn’t blow too much money here. I went on the 15th and 16th. I skipped the 17th because I was too tired and since I lost 10 bucks somewhere on the first day, I couldn’t pay for the round trip home.

Day 1

LOL no lines.
LOL no lines.
Deserted entrance.
Deserted entrance.

The first day was arguably the best day to be at AFAID. Why you ask? Reason number one, there were no queues outside. I overslept on the 15th and headed to the event at 10am. I got there at noon, purchased a ticket and just waltzed in without queuing. Which leads me to reason number two, the scarce amount of people inside on the first day. I was told that the second day would see more crowds. Anyway, I enjoyed walking around the exhibition area and collecting freebies. Also, there’s a Love Live! booth with a backdrop of all 9 members. I tried to get a photo of myself prostrating in front of Nico, but I got told off by an event crew. Oh well, I tried. It was a good thing I was wearing my Aiden Pearce costume. It saved me from public humiliation.

There weren’t a lot of cosplayers around and I’ve never been a hardcore fan of cosplay celebrities. But here’s a cool Teddie from Persona 4 cosplay and whoever this guy(?) may be.



The Cool Japan Lounge was a collection of booths owned by Cool Japan. One of them had MAG-P stickers. I wanted to interview them about the MAG-P, but they seemed busy, so I didn’t. Besides, I was just a visitor, not media personnel.

10/10 Mikufans would buy.
Mirai Smart Dolls, not your usual dollfie.

After trying my luck at the Sword Art Online booth’s lucky draw (12 bucks for one draw, and I only won a nice Alfheim cup), I visited Sony’s booth to try out their head-mounted 3D display. But, my god, the line was long as hell. Instead, I headed over to the Muteki DJ booth and since my friend was disc jockeying on stage, naturally I headed there and showed off my poor dance skills while still being in costume.

SONY Muteki stage with speakers capable of sending chills throughout your body.
SONY Muteki stage with speakers capable of sending chills throughout your body.
Eir Aoi on stage! Forgive the poor image quality.
Eir Aoi on stage! Forgive the poor image quality.

The dancing really did tire me out, so I headed home.

Day 2

They told me hell was hot and crowded. They have never stood in line at AFAID.

Apparently, half of Jakarta's population are J-event goers.
Apparently, half of Jakarta’s population are J-event goers.

I arrived at 9 in the morning since I already redeemed my ticket yesterday. Good for me, since the line was already meters long at the ticket booth. As usual, crooks were out and about selling scalped and fake tickets to the gullible and lazy masses. A number of people were denied access into the venue due to fake tickets. Luckily, the EO were helpful and called the police. The crook was apprehended and all was well.

On the second day, my tickets granted me access to the Day Stage. After a lengthy speech by Danny Choo and a performance by JKT48, I was disappointed to find out that they weren’t doing a screening for No Game No Life, but rather an interview with the producers. And shortly after that, the artiste I was waiting for, Hachioji-P, appeared in the flesh. I tried so hard to contain my inner fanboy. Though I couldn’t afford the concert, it was worth it to see him in the flesh. And no, no photos because the inner stage has a strict “no photography” policy.

And worst of all, the AC didn't help.
And worst of all, the AC didn’t help.

As I exited the stage, I suddenly found myself suffocated by a monstrous amount of people. Holy shit, it’s as if half of Jakarta was stuffed into the convention hall. I had to swim through the sea of people to get to a food booth and replenish my health bar. After that, I had to swim again to the Sony booth because my friend wanted me to pull a hacking stunt involving shutting off the sound system since I was dressed up as Aiden Pearce. Too bad they didn’t have pyro; I really wanted to pull off the explosion hack.

I did get a chance to talk with the chief editor of KAORI Nusantara. It’s Indonesia’s most reliable resource of Japanese pop culture information. They are also a brave, neutral media that covers a multitude of issues which may be considered sensitive and uninteresting by other media, like the new trend of hijab cosplay.

And since the crowd had thinned out, I finally made it to the Good Smile Company booth and managed to buy a set of Nendoroid pyjamas! Finally, my Nendoroids can sleep cutely at night!


So, that’s all from me at AFAID! See you at another event!


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