Ahotaku’s Random Shit – Episode 7

The Misadventures of Racing Miku

It’s not cosplay without the continuous drama on Facebook and any other social media. Now, for me, the scuffles (I get tired of the word drama, as it is abused) are really… what’s that word I’m looking for…  moronic. Yeah, that’s it. Moronic. Yeah, there’s a comment or two that shows people have brains, but the others? It’s like people don’t know the meaning of the word “argument”. “Uh, your mom..!” does not count as an argument. And an argument does not always have to be heated. Why can’t people just act civilized? Oh yeah, it’s the internet and smiley faces don’t help.

Just a while back, I was monitoring an argument about hijab cosplay. I personally don’t care about hijab cosplay because it has religion in it and I’m not a religious enough person to give two shits about it. And then, about a cosplayer who cosplayed as a Racing Miku in a bikini. While she didn’t nail the character perfectly like what the fucking Puritans want (which led to her being flamed by elitists, who claim that her hair, wings, etc. were off), she was quite brave to challenge Indonesian norms (and hypocrisy) and cosplay as the character she liked. What catapulted her to the top of the Trending Topics may not just be her photos in a bikini which got shared everywhere, but it may also be her fiery defense to people who commented (you read that as “criticized without decency”) her photo, to the point of her issuing an open challenge.

And thus, I arrived at a conclusion: her ONLY fault was that she didn’t have a reputation. That, and her responding to all the trolls. When you’re a cosplayer, do whatever it takes to climb the hierarchy. Because once you’re at the top, you won’t be criticized, scorned, or even face disagreement. Imagine if that Racing Miku was, I don’t know, a cosplayer with a reputation, then this shit may not have happened. Instead, what would have happened was a shower of praise, gratitude for bringing a character to life, endless worship, and a pack of seemingly innocent photographers taking photos for “personal use”.

Social Media and Police

Still on the topic of social media, a few days ago, a graduate student was arrested following a rant posted on social media. The rant attacked the people of Yogyakarta in general, referring to them as “poor, stupid, and uncultured“.

This sheds light on a multitude of stuff.

One, the police really do have their priorities set. Let’s arrest the people who can’t afford lawyers! Let’s arrest those who talk shit about other people on the Internet! Guys, that internet blogger can potentially cause a riot! Let’s leave this corruption case for now and focus on what’s important. Not that I approve of what the grad student said, but seriously now? The police can swiftly arrest someone for defamation, yet they can’t put a single corrupt official on the chopping block? God this country’s going to the dogs.

Two, social media, no matter how private, is still social. And a majority of people still don’t understand that. If you’re angry, write in a diary. If you’re sad, write in a diary. If you’re crestfallen, talk to someone. Or write in a diary, if friends can’t help. Who knows, perhaps your diary could become the next big thing since Anne Frank’s diary. The world doesn’t need to know your lunch, your new shoes, or even when you’re angry.

Three, I hope the new Minister for Communication and Information is not a brainless ignoramus. Revise the IT law, consult technical experts, and by god, revise the goddamn IT law as it is highly ambiguous and has a high potential to be misused by powerful airheads running this country to imprison anyone with a different opinion. On a side note, the state shouldn’t be interfering with the browsing habits of people! Can you believe the government blocked Reddit here?

Four, I have said too much. The Thought Police will surely have my ass. (If you didn’t get that reference, go educate yourself.)

Odds and Ends

So there I was in a minibus, waiting for the goddamn driver to just go already. Instead, he insisted waiting for other passengers despite the fact that it was during Friday prayers. Real smart there, Einstein. And after that, a couple of scary-looking dudes (one of them with a guitar and wearing a fistful of rings) got on and started smoking. Assholes. I was afraid, therefore, didn’t reprimand them.

Time is really something of little value in Indonesia. You can easily spend 1 hour waiting for the bus to just get a move on. And the trip is like 1-2 hours (jams excluded). That’s a total of 3-4 hours on the street just to get from point A-B. Wow, no wonder we’re always late. Other countries have made it to the moon, we’re still stuck in traffic.

I applaud Blitz (best Indonesian movie theater because it’s modestly priced and the popcorn is affordable, others suck) for providing me with quality Japanese movies so that I don’t have to feel guilty for torrenting them. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna watch K: Missing Kings.


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