K: Missing Kings Movie Review


What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than indoors with a box of popcorn and sweetened carbonated drinks while watching the movie version of what is clearly an anime that tries to pander to both teenage boys and girls (but mostly teenage girls with delusional homoerotic fantasies)! Yeah, that 5 bucks I spent to watch K: Missing Kings was wasted because I left the theater disappointed.

Plot (3/5)

The movie picks up where the anime left off, that is, one year after the Shiro’s disappearance and the death of Mikoto Suoh and the Colorless King… that is, after a tiring 30-minute recap of the entire anime. This is both good and bad though. On the good side, those who didn’t watch the anime (which seems to be pointless considering you would have needed to watch the anime before you could have entered the fandom) can get a SparkNotes version of the knowledge they need to follow the plot. The bad side? Well, the movie is two hours long and 30 minutes wasted on a recap is just… urgh.

The plot of the movie is quite great once you get past the boring recap. Homura has been disbanded and are in need of a new King; Kuro and Neko have been searching across the globe for Shiro, who disappeared after Mikoto’s death; and the Green clan finally starts making their move. It’s quite fast-paced with all the action, colorful explosions and let’s not forget the dialogues between battles and the flashbacks. But, the reason why I gave a mediocre score was because of the ending. Yeah, the damn ending. I won’t spoil anything, but by god, the ending was pure crap.

P.S. You would want to focus on Anna, because she’s the real badass of the movie. And also, remember to stay after the credits roll. There’s an extra scene.

Visuals (5/5)

I loved the visuals the anime had to offer and so, I loved the movie’s visuals as well. The sword fights were awesome as hell (and colorful too!), while the backgrounds are neatly done.

Audio (5/5)

For the background music, it was heaven. The battle music was made perfectly and really had an upbeat feeling to them, just like the anime. For the insert songs, Anna’s insert song was just beautiful.

Characters (4/5)

We welcome back the usual characters from the anime series. Kuro is there and still gay as fuck. Neko is back with her usual brand of dojikko, slapstick comedy. The members of Homura are still there, with Yatagarasu being unable to move on from Homura’s disbandment and Mikoto’s death, the cute loli Anna is the key character of the movie, and Kusanagi, the bartender is still cool as fuck. Don’t forget Scepter 4’s Awashima Seri. She has the finest anime ass I’ve ever seen. Munakata is still the stiff douche who can induce squeals from the female audience. There are also new characters introduced, like Yukari, a fabulous (literally!) member of the Green Clan, a space-shifting ninja, and a talking parrot that can shoot green thunder. Once you get to the action scenes, be prepared to laugh as these characters truly bring each other’s funny side out.

Verdict (3/5)

I came to watch this movie because I thought it would become the anime’s sequel. Instead, the movie became either one of the two: (1) a prequel for the second season anime series, or (2) an introduction for the second movie. Seriously, that ending really threw me off. Yeah, the action was cool and all, but seriously. I just hope this movie inspires the young fujoshis to create more doujins (obvious sarcasm is obvious).


3 thoughts on “K: Missing Kings Movie Review

  1. Thanks for the post, I want to watch this film, but I can”t found it online. Can you spoiler me please? What’s the end of the film? *—*


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