Fall 2014: What’s Worth Watching (and not)

It’s already been four, five weeks into the new Fall 2014 season and here’s a list of what I’m watching. To break it down, the trends this season include battle maidens, an Uro-butcher anime, and the usual moe-shit.

Sora No Method/Celestial Method


Halfway through this anime, I’ve found that the drama is so cheesy that it’s actually pretty nice. After seven years in the big city, Nonoka returns to her childhood home where apparently, there’s a big-ass UFO hovering in the airspace. The only clue we have is Noel, a cute-as-fuck loli, who freeloads at Nonoka’s house. Nonoka then needs to confront her childhood friends who hate her for summoning the UFO.

The music is nice, especially the OP. Visuals are also top-notch with lots of eye-candy for those attracted to Japan’s usual depiction of middle-school girls (or was it high-school?). A plus for those who like seeing UFOs moe-ified into cute little girls. My Girlfriend is President did it better though. Nevertheless, for those seeking a light drama series this season or sick of the gory shit of last season’s anime, this is for you.

Progress: Still watching

Psycho-Pass 2


Ah, the sequel to the anime Minority Report/1984/CSI. We’re back with Inspector Tsunemori and apparently, she’s been promoted. Kogami’s gone though, I hope he comes back later on. In Kogami’s stead, there’s new personnel on board and Tsunemori’s working on another conspiracy. Someone has the capability to reduce Crime Coefficients and they’re targeting the MWPSB. There’s already a shit-ton of casualties (civilians included), which makes me question the Dominators and the people shooting them about their ethical standards. It’s Tsunemori’s job to solve the case and not get killed in the process. But knowing Uro-butcher, she’d have to see her entire crew dead before she gets this done.

Still, one of the best this season so far.

Progress: Still scanning for suspects

Ore, Twintail ni Narimasu!


Okay, I just had to give this a try because I like twintails. But after the first episode, I… just… couldn’t. Each season there’s that one shitty anime that only sells fetishes and nothing more. This season, it’s Ore, Twintail.

Ore, Twintail takes the mahou shoujo genre to the next level: to men. Wait, Ore Zombie did that first. Oh well, at least Ore, Zombie was better. No wait… that was Kampfer. Anyway, Long story short, guy meets alien girl. Girl gives him power to transform into an ass-kicking battle maiden with twintails. Let me count the total fetishes this anime has catered to… twintails, mahou shoujo, mecha girls, traps… yeah, that’s quite a lot of fetishes.

So… if you’re a fan of the above fetishes, this is the anime for you?

Progress: Banished to the X-Zone

Nanatsu no Taizai/Seven Deadly Sins


When was the last time I watched an asshole with insane power as a protagonist? I guess that was Maverick Hero. Nanatsu no Taizai returns to the basics of adventure anime: damsel in distress meets legendary hero and they start a journey together to beat the evil overlords. Ah, so nostalgic.

Meliodas is a shota. Yes, a buff shota who missed leg day. He’s a jerk, a blissfully ignorant jerk, but at least he has a heart of gold. As the rules of balanced party-making dictate, the sidekick of an ignorant hero must be a voice of reason. That role is fulfilled by Hawk, who is a pig. A literal pig. Kinda reminds me of Snowball from Animal Farm. And in every party, there must be female protagonist who is the love (or sexual) interest of the protagonist. Cue Princess Elizabeth, a weak but strong-hearted princess who is only there to get butt and boobs exposed. Aw yeah. Together they have to reunite the Seven Deadly Sins, a group of insanely powerful warriors, to topple the oppressive reign of the Holy Knights, a group of equally insane powerful knights. Good luck y’all!

Progress: Still looking for the rest of the Sins

Log Horizon 2


The anime that teaches us Economics 101 is now back with new costumes and armor! Shiroe and the usual party is back, and they start the game dead. Yeah, Akatsuki and Shiroe are looking down from the Farplane, waiting for their respawn counter to elapse.

This time, Shiroe has bigger plans for the city of Akihabara that involves him distancing himself from Akatsuki and crawling around in dungeons with Naotsugu. Akatsuki, who now gets a lot more screen time, is a love-confused ninja who wants to be stronger so Shiroe will notice her instead of Minori. While Shiroe leaves Akatsuki, complicated stuff happens in Akihabara involving an invulnerable NPC killing people and the appearance of a new conspiracy that could unlock the secrets of Elder Tale.

A must-watch compared to the shitty SAO S2. Log Horizon is better in every way.

Progress: Biting fingernails waiting for next episode

World Trigger


I just don’t understand this anime. After three episodes, all I noticed were awkward pauses and cheesy clashes of ideologies from a pacifist and a combatant. I lost focus during the second episode and I don’t think I’m coming back for more.

Progress: Suspended

Madan Ou to Vanadis


The adaptation of the season, Madan Ou is perhaps a much better adaptation than SAO could ever be. For those who have yet to read the light novel and manga, Madan Ou is a story of battle maidens with insanely overpowered armor and perhaps all of the fantasy Medieval battle elements: feudal lords, archers, knights, and political strife.

So far, I’ve enjoyed the story and the battles. They’re nicely paced and there’s even a helpful narration that assists in understanding the flow of the battles. All in all, Madan Ou is a great anime to be watching.

Progress: Still reaching for that next arrow in the quiver.

Gugure! Kokkuri-san


If you need a good laugh this season now that Barakamon is gone, here’s the anime for you. Kohina is a middle-school (or elementary?) girl who acts like a robot. One day, she summons a fox spirit that takes form of a handsome guy by the name of Kokkuri. Seeing that Kohina lives a miserable live, he vows to help her by being a housewife. Hilarity ensues by means of one-line zingers and tsukkomi comedy. Seriously, I laughed so hard during the first episode my neighbor had to shut me up.

Progress: Kokkuri-san, Kokkuri-san, when the fuck is the next episode coming out?

Parasyte: the maxim


Uh.. what the flying fuck is this? Alien parasites coming to Earth and genetically mutating humans to become their hosts? Shit, this is screwed. Parasyte is one of those gory anime with a decent plot. To uncover the secret of the alien, our protagonist must team up with an alien on his right hand to fight the hordes of aliens coming their way. It’s kinda like Midori’s Days, only with blood and a gruesome organism on your right hand. Also, disturbing images.

Progress: Not sure whether to progress or not

And that folks, concludes the first impression reviews of the Fall 2014 anime. We’ll see which ones stay for the long run.



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