Now Hiring: Cosplay Police!

WE WANT YOU AS A PART OF THE COSPLAY POLICE! (for source, click on pic)
(for source, click on pic)

Do you think that today’s Cosplay World is going to shit?

Do you think you have what it takes to make cosplay a better place for us all?

Do you have a knack for law enforcement?

If so, look no further! We are looking for people like you to become our first ever Cosplay Police!

Job Description

As a Cosplay Police, the safety of the cosplay world is in your hands. You are armed with a keyboard, a large mouth capable of tongue-lashing a thousand bitches at once, and a knack for perfection bordering on psychopathy. Your duty is to serve and protect. You have a moral obligation to protect the citizens of Cosplay World from the threat of Noobs and uphold the values of the One True Way of Cosplay.

As such, we require the following:

  • A recruit must be physically healthy. Prime mental health optional. Perfectionists preferred.
  • Should have experience in criticism, raging, and being a total control freak.
  • Should have experience in cosplay. And by “experience”, we mean either going to events, actually cosplaying, or just having an account on WorldCosplay.
  • Has a degree in Cosplay-ology and wide knowledge of pop culture.


  • Have you always wanted to hold a gun? By becoming a part of the Cosplay Police Force, we provide you with something better than a gun. We give you the right to tongue-lash and keyboard-bash that motherfucker into submission and using your authority, submit him/her to public embarrassment because fuck yeah perfection!
  • As part of the Cosplay Police, you hold the right to arrest any criminal you think will pose a threat to the perfect world of cosplay. Is that noob doing a better job at cosplay than a god-tier? Arrest her! Is that god-tier cosplayer causing a problem? Do nothing, they are already perfect. Anyone who you think is a disturbance, you can arrest and interrogate Guantanamo-style!
  • Be allowed premium access into events hosted by affiliates that have provided you with financial gratification.

So do you think you have what it takes? Apply now!

P.S. Additional suggestions are welcome. And if possible, let’s make this a thing.


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