Stand By Piracy, Doraemon?

This is gonna be just a short post. I promise. Besides, I have better things to do.

So during this week, a number of links appeared on my Facebook news feed. They linked to download sites offering pirated (some say “leaked”) Stand by Me, Doraemon HD Rips. As of current, I am unaware if the links have been terminated. There was also, which hosted streaming and download links of the pirated copy, but administrators have now deleted the content from their website.

I am not surprised. And I won’t be blaming any of the fans.

The thing about watching Japanese cartoon movie adaptations in Indonesia is that it is monopolized by Blitz Megaplex. Blitz is, by far, the only major theater with the license to show a majority of Japanese movies, from the Rurouni Kenshin live action trilogy to the newest Stand by Me, Doraemon. Their monopoly, however, is not supported by their reach. Blitz still operates primarily in Java,. Other islands either have XXI Cineplex or other local cinemas. Thus, people outside of Java do not have the luxury of visiting Blitz and watching the theatrical end to the Doraemon franchise. I mean, you wouldn’t be wanting to spend over a million IDR, 70 percent of which is only transportation money, just to watch a 90-minute feature, right? From these situations, I wouldn’t blame the fans outside Java  for resorting to pirated copies just to watch a Japanese cartoon.

But on the other hand, piracy is wrong and is not something someone should be proud of. Just to make things clear, I am not a saint as well. While I do enjoy getting free stuff, I try to limit myself and find ways to legally obtain whatever I want. If I can’t get it, then it must have little meaning for me anyway. I mean, guys, come on. Doraemon has been there for us since we were still in our diapers. It would be proper, for us, for fans with access that is, to give him a proper send-off by actually going to the theater and paying for 90 minutes of final screen time to support Fujiko F. Fujio’s (who has been dead for almost a decade now) masterpiece.

But there I go again with all my appeals to a sense of righteousness that is fading in an increasingly egotistical and pragmatic society.

P.S. I could say, Indonesians make the worst pirates. When you get something illegal, don’t share it everywhere like a dog pissing on any pole or car it finds. Have at least some common sense: let the movie finish its run in theaters, THEN start distributing HD (not shitty CAM Rips) pirated copies. Seriously.


2 thoughts on “Stand By Piracy, Doraemon?

  1. Indonesian people get angry when Indonesia’s culture claimed by other country, but many of them like to use pirated product (include me :D)


  2. Actually, regarding Blitz Megaplex (now CGV Blitz) monopolizing Japanese Movies, its not technically monopoly. But its more like “only Blitz who bother to air them”. Even so, there’s Lipo Group’s Cinemaxx and Platinum Cineplex Chain who also airing the Japanese Movies. Which is unfortunatelly, most of them still concentrated in Java tough. So its not about whether certain movies can be airing in cinemas or not. But its more whether the cinemas want to air certain movies or not. And looks like those biggest cinema chain in Indonesia don’t see value in the Japanese cinema.


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