AFAID 2015, A Successful Troll Indeed

MAJOR UPDATE 2 (03/04/2015):

AFAID15 will officially be held on 24-26 September at JIExpo. It says so on the website. Also, try visiting the AFA page on FB and LOL at the suddenly-pious weebs.

MAJOR UPDATE (25/03/2015):

I now have enough reason to believe that AFAID will in fact be held on 24-26 September during Eid al-Adha at JIExpo. The following picture is preliminary evidence listing the date and location of AFAID. It has been circling on Facebook.

Thanks to Kamizawa

Of course, there is still no announcement on the official website, so feel free to take this information with a grain of salt. Perhaps y’all should start making plans around that particular date right now?


There’s been a rumor going around that AFAID 2015 will be held on 24-26 September 2015 at JIExpo, Kemayoran, Jakarta. My initial reaction was “WTF SOZO”, but after lurking around and confirming on the official website, it turns out we’ve been successfully trolled by an anonymous troll on the fucking Internet.

It all started with this screenshot of an email, which started spreading through social media. The sender and recipient are both not visible.

Troll email is troll.
Troll email is troll.

From this pic alone, we have no strong grounds to say that AFAID2015 will be officially held on the aforementioned date. Because seriously, who the fuck can believe a screenshot of part of an email? Especially when there’s no sender or recipient available.

But the Internet is full of idiots that have knee-jerk reactions to even the smallest things.

Let me explain why SOZO would be so fucking stupid if they were to actually hold AFAID 2015 on the aforementioned date and venue.

First, from the date. In case you haven’t noticed or don’t fucking care because you’re not a Muslim, 24-26 September coincides with Eid al-Adha, or that time when Muslims sacrifice cows and goats. Yeah, I doubt the piety of Indonesians will be defeated by a weeaboo event. Nationalism is one thing (ahem, AFAID2014 reference), but piety cannot be compromised because of all the imaginary “burn in hell” and “God’s wrath” shit.  Also, 24-26 September just happens to be on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. I’m just going to be nice here and assume that SOZO forgot that their target market are a Muslim-majority. Otherwise, awesome call, you guys deserve a bunch of medals. Let me express my awe to you guys with the help of ISIS-chan:

isis-chan bahlul

Second, from the venue. The first AFAID was held at JIExpo. It was a fucking failure because the venue couldn’t support the enormous weeaboo enthusiasm of Indonesians who were rejoicing from the fact that the Anime Festival God had finally noticed them. Then, they moved to Jakarta Convention Center and stayed there for two consecutive years. Let me tell you why returning to JIExpo is fucking idiotic. First, the venue is isolated. Yes, no buses drop you off anywhere near the venue and the nearest hotels are around 20 minutes by car (remember to add 30 minutes considering Jakarta’s fucked-up traffic). Unless you’re a richfag who can afford a taxi or other modes of private transport, you’ll be spending an Exhibition ticket’s worth of money just to get to the fucking venue. Second, the venue itself. After attending the IndoDefence Expo a while ago, I admit that JIExpo is a spacious place. But I’ve been traumatized by the first AFAID. In the first AFAID, they only used a small portion of all the halls available. Unless they are thinking of using ALL the halls in JIExpo, expect the same suffocating atmosphere the first AFAID had to offer.

Relax, the official dates haven’t been announced yet. When they are, they’ll be posted on the official web and social media accounts. Anyway, sit back and enjoy the troll, weebs. Remember to fact-check shit on the internet. Besides, I won’t be at AFAID2015.

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17 thoughts on “AFAID 2015, A Successful Troll Indeed

    1. Wait, what? Did you even read the entire post? Did you read, understand, and review? You must seriously be an Indonesian: I say A, you hear B, you think C. KAORI’s not the one to blame; they’re participating in spreading the truth.

      Besides, this isn’t KAORI’s page. Why should I have to go to KAORI to tell them to go fuck themselves? Why don’t you do it on your own?

      I don’t know whether you have shit for brains or are just another fucking troll.


  1. While I do agree that JIExpo was exceptionally hard to reach, as a venue it’s still better than JCC. You need to understand that the first event at JIExpo was a FIRST. I remember some guests (including Danny) who were blown away by how huge the amount of people who came. They DID NOT expect that so many people would come, hence the use of so few halls. Like you said, JIExpo is actually very spacious, even more so than JCC.
    I have to say that the one thing about JCC I can’t forgive (and therefore the reason JIExpo just wins me over) is the fact that it consists of three storeys. If you visit during Saturdays, you would know that it’s the busiest day of the three. The problem is that a huge crowd + stairs/elevators = disaster. No one could move around, the queue for the elevator was nearly an hour long. The “thin” elevators and the stairs were nightmare for cosplayers with especially elaborate costumes. The AC couldn’t do it with the heat of the crowd and the bottom ground was a mess of stagnant, sweltering air.
    I remember there was a huge field in the middle in front of the halls in JIExpo. Lots of visitors could sit down or hang around the field and in front of the halls relatively with more ease than in JCC. If the exhibition hall was starting to overwhelm us, we could easily slip out and sit down on the ground outside the hall. No such thing in JCC. You either walk and suffocate to death or go home. My team found a place to sit on, but it got crowded very quickly too and was less cozy than our experience at JIExpo.

    I may be a little biased (okay, a lot)because I own a car and have a driver to get me to events, but the way I see it JIExpo is a MUCH better option than JCC.


    1. I also agree that JIExpo is a much better place when it comes to hosting massive events. But as a person who relies on public transport (bcs I’m a poorfag who can’t afford a car), transport costs are a big deal for me. JCC is easily accessible, especially for people from out of town. It’s a short walk from Senayan and for those using the bus, you easily get there on the Corridor 1 or 9 busway. That’s why I’m inclined to support AFAID at JCC, despite JCC being a horrible venue for hosting AFAID.


  2. Couldn’t agree more on the whole
    JCC is a better venue transport wise. Though have to say the venue itself during the event looked cheap and tacky compared to the expo in 2012


  3. Umm.. ingin protes.. knp ga di JCC lg.. padahal JCC lebih luas dibandingkan JIExpo.. atau knp tidak IIE (Indonesia International Expo) saja yang baru dibangunkan di Tangerang..? Lebih luas drpd JCC dan JIExpo.. tetapi yasudahlah yg penting tahun ini ada AFAID lg.. :v


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