The “MaiMai Hebdo” Incident

This rant isn’t about cosplay or anything you usually read in this blog of mine. This time, I’m ranting about arcade gaming. Why all of a sudden? Because just recently, a case happened involving an arcade game I love playing, MaiMai. It’s a rather serious case and I think it really needs to go viral because a person was physically harassed just because he was at the wrong place at the wrong time doing something he enjoyed.

To protect the victim, I will hereafter refer to him as “X”. Below is an untranslated version of the original FB post. No links, you know, because of victim protection reasons. Also, I won’t bother translating. There’s a quick summary below.


Hari minggu kemaren saya maen di artha.. sebenernya saya males maen disana tapi keluarga ngajak jalan kesana jadi saya pikir sekalian aja.

Trus ada anak2 stardc beserta bayu dan cewenya disana. saya ignore aja donk dan saya maen mai2 tanpa menghiraukan mereka.

Trus saya ngajak orang yang gesek bareng saya buat maen bareng biar gausah nunggu lama.

Pas mau main lagu ketiga, tiba2 cewenya bayu nyamperin kita, dan ternyata orang yang maen ama saya itu adalah anak stardc.

Dia ngajak ngobrol temen nya itu dan kayak bilang kalo saya itu orang yang ngomongin mereka di belakang. Dan temen nya itu kayak “hah iya? Gw ga tau kalo itu si dia” trus udah gitu cewenya bayu bilang dengan suara kenceng “biasa. NATO. No action talk only”

Dan saya lanjut maen tanpa menghiraukan kata2 dia. saya pikir ga penting lah. Disini dia manggil cowonya dan kroni2nya sepertinya.

Pas selesai lagu ketiga mau lanjut lagu, tiba2 cowonya udah ada dibelakang saya dan nanya nama saya siapa. saya jawab donk, trus saya langsung dicegat dan di headlock. saya coba ngelawan tapi ga bisa. Maklum saya ga pernah ngegym, pushup, angkat barbel, ato ngebasket dan semacamnya. Dia bilang “lo kan yang sering nyari masalah di internet.” “Jangan beraninya di internet doank.” saya cuma diem soalnya saya merasa nyawa saya terancam. Dia mau bawa saya ke tempat sepi gitu awalnya niatan nya buat berurusan ama saya, tapi dia udah meledak aja disitu dan abis diheadlock, dia pake badan nya yang gede buat mengintimidasi saya. saya kayak di pojokin gitu ama badan nya dan saya cuma bisa diem

Dia bilang dengan suara kenceng dan tinggi kalo mau tampar tampar gw sekarang dan lagi saya cuma diem, disini temen nya ngelerai kita dan ngejauin bayu dari saya dan menyuruh bayu buat stop karena ini di umum. Untungnya temen nya melerai karena jika tidak mungkin saya udah babak belur dihajar ama bayu.

Abis itu saya balik ke mesin mai2 dan temen nya yang tadi maen ama saya bilang “maen aja sendiri gw ga ikutan” dan saya lanjut maen ampe selesai dengan perasaan shock, abis itu saya pulang karena emang udah disuruh pulang. saya nyadar mereka abis itu ngomongin gw dari jauh dan ngata2in saya dengan sebutan banci dan semacamnya karena saya duduk diam selama beberapa menit memproses semua yang telah terjadi, sebelum dijemput adik dan kakak saya.

gimana ya? Jadi ga berani nih maen ke arcade lagi sendirian terutama basecampnya mereka. Mereka kan rame dan saya cuma sendiri. Kalo saya diserang lagi begini gimana? Kayaknya saya emang harus belajar dengan serajin mungkin supaya bisa dapet beasiswa ke jepang, dan maen rhythm game disana aja, jauh dari semua drama ini.

Jujur saya takut dan trauma. Mungkin untuk sementara waktu saya ga akan datang ke arcade dekat sini.



In this Facebook post, X tells the story of how he got physically harassed by bullies. He tells us that he just wanted to play MaiMai at a certain mall in Jakarta. Then, out of nowhere, he meets with the leader of a certain group that resembles the mafia, in this case, the arcade game mafia. They recognize X because he often argues, along with other dissatisfied members, against the Leader online. In X’s defense, X’s arguments were sound and reasonable. Suddenly, X gets headlocked by the leader of the group. X managed to escape, but he is now emotionally traumatized and is afraid to play at the same arcade again.


Yes, I am a member of the community and I know what a bastard the Leader is. I know what has happened over the last year, when I started playing MaiMai and first joined the community. This is what happens when gaming, a purely fun pastime, becomes engulfed with petty politics.

I am concerned. Wait, no, I’m more than concerned. I’m outraged that a person, without any ill intention whatsoever, gets harassed just because he holds opposing views. It’s just like the Charlie Hebdo boming; infantile turds getting riled up over a fucking cartoon. The Leader’s actions are not, and will never be, justified. He put an innocent man’s life in danger, just because of something he said online. Moreover, the Leader was only brave enough to assault X in his own turf, while X was alone, and with other mafia members present.

If you aren’t familiar with the MaiMai community in Indonesia, it is a friendly group of people. The members are cool, but the self-proclaimed leader is a jerk. The Leader calls himself an official rep from SEGA. You know, the company that owns MaiMai. But in fact, there is no such thing as an official rep from SEGA. Why? Because it’s fucking ridiculous. Why would SEGA, a massive company in its own right, need a commoner as their official rep in Indonesia? Also, an official SEGA rep would NEVER resort to violence, especially against a paying customer. It’s about, you know, PRESERVING THE COMPANY IMAGE? This is not the first documented case of violence that has been conducted by this sanctimonious asshole. There have also been reports from other MaiMai players being subjected to violent treatment from the Leader. Oy SEGA, I think this guy has an overdue visit to the HR department, eh?

I hope justice gets done, though the heavens fall. In fact, I hope the heavens fall flat on the Leader’s fucking head. As for X, stand strong. We, the friendly bunch of MaiMai players, are on your side.


14 thoughts on “The “MaiMai Hebdo” Incident

  1. Dude, if you saying that this Jerk is wrong. Yeah, you’re right.

    But, think about it, why X got headlocked? You didn’t know about it, yes?

    X know that this Jerk is awful Jerk, but he’s joining the bandwagon, to make the Jerk’s Company got butthurted. It’s not The Jerk’s Fault all along, X was fault, too, you know.

    But I can’t tolerate what Jerk did there. It’s agaisnt the rule of fair play.


    1. I know. I’ve been silently reading and following everything that happened in the community group page for a year.

      Yes, both are at fault. But I’m focusing on whose fault is larger. And from what I’ve read, the Leader’s faults are much heavier than X, ergo, X is innocent, the Leader guilty.


      1. IKR

        This Bald Jerk and his Sluts and Gays are sucks at socializing with each other, especially, with strangers.

        //Fly to Artha


    2. Victim’s here.

      I want to clarify that I don’t have any intention to bait them. I joined the bandwagon by thinking that bayu/his group wouldn’t see the thread, but I was wrong.

      And I’m not even the worst offender. Some people did it much more frequently and worse, I just did it once. I was a silent reader when the whole drama in IMMC v1 happened.

      Not trying to justify my actions, I know it is wrong, but I’m just clarifying that I didn’t frequently insult them on the net, like many people think I did.


  2. In fact, it’s actually been confirmed by an actual SEGA employee that this self-proclaimed leader has nothing to do with SEGA.

    Really hope something is done this time. The last few times this sort of thing happened, he just waited until the issue died down and then acted as if nothing had happened.

    If not, then well, MaiMai will not have a bright future here in Indonesia.


    1. Yes, I know. I’ve been silently reading the posts and drama in the community group page. I was already suspicious of him (the Leader) because AFAIK, official reps are only usually present during official events, not community-based events. And even if he was an official rep, he would have a uniform, business cards, SEGA goodie bags, anything to help with credibility. The reality? No fucking thing.

      Besides, SEGA isn’t a bottom-top type company that relies heavily on community contribution (Crypton is, as a comparison, since Vocaloids are highly dependent on producers). In simple terms, SEGA wouldn’t give a fuck about communities as long as people keep spending money on their products.

      What bothers me is were there no security guards present at the time? AFAIK game centers tend to have at least 1 security personnel on duty, if not a member of staff patrolling.


      1. Yea, nobody helped me even tho it was crowded there. And everything happened so fast too.

        I was just really shocked and didn’t even think to report to the authority back then. My bad.


  3. Can’t the fellows netizen share what the villain did (or even photos of the villain) and bully him online for his action?
    I hate it when mocking in Internet could lead to serious action like this. C’mon, if you not matured enough, don’t use Internet.

    (I also have same experience with this incident but from different game, yet i manage to win the national game tournament and make the villain ashamed)


  4. Ah, this actually reminds me to my comment in your entry a few years back, about the drama in Indonesian rhythm gaming arcade scene. I have since been largely inactive in the (real-life) scene, playing only occasionally and I don’t even know many of the new guys in the community now. However, I still keep tabs with my old friends I made through the scene and discovered this incident. I am shocked to find that this issue becomes really viral and the person who bullied him would resort into physical fight in the public space, no less. I am wishing the best for the victim and hope that such incident would not happen again.

    (plus, kapan maimai di Indo onlen D: saya lelah nunggu– #shot)


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