Valentine Hangout: Dream Chamber Maid & Butler Cafe

Valentine’s Day has passed, but love is still in the air! Yesterday, I got the chance to finally ask a girl out on a date. I took her to this particular maid & butler cafe, which was coincidentally managed by a good friend of mine. But despite the friendship status, I still had to pay for my dinner. I’ll be doing a short review of the place. Also, since photography was not allowed in the venue, I’ve already asked permission from my good friend to use his photos.

Okay, first things first. Dream Chamber Maid & Butler Cafe is a rather young entrepreneurial initiative in Bali. Like most maid cafes, they specialize in providing plebeians with experiences only royalty can enjoy at a reduced price. The cafe itself was only open on 14-15 February 2015 from 4PM-10PM at Jalan Nakula, Denpasar.

On to the review! In this review, I rate the venue, food, service and gimmicks, and replay value on a scale from 1 to 10.

Venue (7/10): It’s okay. A tad cramped though, but nice interior design.

A week prior to the event, the manager and I talked about the design and location of the venue. He told me that the place would be quite small. And yes, it was. There were only six available tables, most of them only capable of seating two, meaning that only twelve persons could be served at a given time.


However, I didn’t let the small space bother me because the interior design of the place was classy and sophisticated. Staying true to the Valentine spirit, roses and ribbons were the main decorations. They weren’t so liberal with the amount though; I guess there wasn’t enough in the budget. As for the furniture, don’t you think that those chairs and table really mix well with the classy atmosphere? The maids and butlers were also well-dressed.


On the wall, there was a small shelf used to place a pair of speakers. They should have covered it with something because that one detail really puts off the neatly designed room.

Food (6/10): Normal in every way possible.

When I first saw the menu released online a week prior to the event, my sweet tooth told me to go eat a whole fucking parfait. Fuck diabeetus, I just HAD to have that parfait!

When the parfait was in front of me, I was kinda disappointed. I wasn’t that big, it had way too much whipped cream and too little ice cream and bananas, and a bit too many corn flakes and condensed milk at the bottom. The portion was rather fine though, but it still couldn’t satisfy my manly stomach.

Technically not my date’s meal; I used another person’s photo because both of us aren’t fond of photographing food. Besides, both of our phones were dead.


My date had an omelette rice (omuraisu; for the weebs) set. For the sake of romanticism, she spoon-fed me a few times. The rice was typical Indonesian fried rice with ketchup, not soy sauce, mixed with little chunks of green bell pepper. The omelette itself was rather bland; I guess they forgot to add salt.

For drinks, since we both ordered sets, our drinks were cups of Earl Grey tea. I’ve had Earl Grey occasionally, so it was nothing new to me. After taking a sip, I suddenly became British for an hour.

Service and Gimmicks (8/10): A maid cafe prides itself in service. Dream Chamber knows their shit.

If you’re complaining about the ridiculous prices attached to maid cafes, you need to consider what you’re getting. You’re not paying for food; you’re paying for service. And that’s an area where Dream Chamber excels.


As soon as we entered, we were greeted by two handsome (#NoHomo) butlers. Then, they sat us at a table. Then came a maid who gave us our menus and took our orders. After a short wait, our tea came and we had our tea elegantly poured by two maids. They even blessed the tea with hopes and wishes.

Around ten minutes later, my date got her omelette rice. The maid who delivered her omelette rice was, arguably, the BEST maid at the establishment. I think her name was Asuka. She interacted with my date in such a friendly manner to the point where I sat there fantasizing yuri shit between them. The maid then wrote and drew some stuff on the omelette and plate and then left gracefully.

The maid who delivered my parfait wasn’t as friendly as the maid my date got, but since I’m a stiff motherfucker, I didn’t quite care.

My date and I were left with our meals. We spent around two hours talking about random shit. Just as we finished our talk, Asuka returned to our table and asked us to play a game. Game my ass, she quizzed us with classic Japanese history. Out of 3 questions, I only got 1 right. But it was all fun.

Oh, for the gimmicks, each of us got two postcards of cosplayers who have agreed to contribute to the event. Behind the postcards were handwritten Valentine messages. Yay, I guess.


I also forgot, there was a live violin performance by an acquaintance of mine. She really did her best in adding to the lovely atmosphere of the venue, especially when she did her rendition of Karuta’s Ichiban no Takaramono. Damn, that song makes me cry every fucking time.

Replay Value (7/10): I’d come again. But only under certain conditions.

Seriously, I would come again if they decide to hold another event. I really enjoyed the service the maids and butlers provided and also the classy atmosphere of the venue. But I do hope they find a bigger venue and go loud with the decor. And perhaps add more live entertainment.


A really great event held at the perfect time! I hope they make this an annual event.

And that concludes the first time I’ve ever reviewed a dining establishment! See you next time whenever I get called on to review something!


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