Shit Taste and Being An “Anime Connoisseur”

So I was visiting Horriblesubs‘ page for my weekly dose of illegally uploaded Chinese cartoons when I saw this:

Lately, I’ve been noticing more and more anime fans being overly obsessive with their taste in anime. There are people who get shunned for liking and enjoying a show that the internet hivemind thinks is bad — to the point where they’re immediately dismissed from any sort of anime discussion because they enjoy a particular show (like Naruto/SAO/etc). What’s more concerning is that there are people who put on a facade and “stop” liking shows that they actually liked to maintain an image of being an anime connoisseur. It’s ridiculous.

I’ll still say this even though it’s cliche because it seems like a lot of you don’t understand it: Having “shit taste” doesn’t mean anything. Different people enjoy different things. Sometimes, you might even enjoy a show that the hivemind thinks is bad. For example, I enjoyed SAO and I also acknowledge the criticisms against it. It’s perfectly fine for me to like it even though I might be branded as “having shit taste”. Yes, that means it’s okay to enjoy Naruto. Or Bleach. Or SAO. Liking those shows doesn’t mean you’re retarded or you were born with some sort of defect. It just means that someone disagrees with you, so it’s okay to like those shows. Don’t let anyone else convince you otherwise.

The connection between you and whatever you’re watching belongs only to you. Don’t let others influence it so easily. Remember that the vast majority of animes are targeted toward the lowest of the low in Japan. Remember that animes are pretty much Japanese cartoons. Think about it. It’s really quite silly to be an anime connoisseur.

Happy anime watching.

Yes, this shit does happen. And to a certain extent, I’ve been a part of it. At least until that time when I realized that I was lagging on my reading and decided to cut down on the anime. Now, I enjoy anime occasionally, only when severely bored.

Now, back in my heyday of criticizing everyone of having shit taste for liking Bleach, Naruto, or SAO, I frequented anime groups and pages and whenever anyone mentioned they liked any mainstream anime, I was ready with my usual insult bullets. A lot of Anons also joined in, and whatever the shitstorm resulted in, I felt satisfied for being “above others”, that my “otaku knowledge” was better than others because I knew of better anime. Kicking someone down to put myself up, like that. I did feel better, superior. I joined an elite country club, full of “anime connoisseurs”, where we would drink wine while dismissing the inferiors who had shit taste in anime. Joining the club also changed me; it made me follow the Internet hivemind. If there was an anime I enjoyed but was not on the approved list of the hivemind, I dumped it. Worse, I felt compelled to enjoy anime I did not like. I never did like Code Geass because it was too convoluted, but I had to watch it because the people at the country club said it was “good taste”.

I stopped after realizing it was a complete waste of time. As HS Leader said above, people have different tastes and being different is not something to be ashamed about. Thank you, anon HS Leader for bringing this up.


One thought on “Shit Taste and Being An “Anime Connoisseur”

  1. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. In fact, I agree to this post so much I wrote a post in my blog with the same idea inspired by you but with a e s t h e t i c s. Do check it out if you’re interested.


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