A Great Time to be a Weeaboo in Bali

Holy fucking shit. I never thought I’d live to see the day when an event organizer can arrange an event on par with AFAID. And in Bali, of all places too! With high-profile names on the guest list and a number of unconfirmed additional guests, Dewata Anime Festival (DAF) may just be the biggest weeaboo convention ever to hit Bali. Coincidentally, DAF is to be held after another event arranged by, as far as I am aware, a different organizer: the DNA Seni2Negeri. These two events add to the list of yearly weeaboo events in the small island of Bali. And as of this post, both events have already burned through their stock of presale tickets.

Now, I’m not in the mood for blazing the drama weed (yet), so let’s start off with a warm, welcoming post first.


Most of the major anime events are held in the gloriously fucked-up city of Jakarta. Flying from Bali to Jakarta on a low-cost carrier nets the same price of a Bali-Singapore ticket. I’d rather be in Singapore than that fucked-up congested shithole. Transportation and accommodation costs poses a problem for people living on the outer islands and any attempt to bring a taste of weeb events in Jakarta to the smaller islands is more than welcome. We’ll have more money to splurge on merchandise we’ll throw away after a month or so, buy concert tickets where we’ll end up uploading shitty fan-cams despite the rules clearly prohibiting such behaviour, act like perverts during VIP Meet and Greet sessions, and get high on the drama weed because someone chose to be different.


I’ve been sensing some competition among certain groups in Bali. In fact, the competition has been getting quite out of hand. But now, for the first time ever, I’ll admit the competition has yielded good results. In a capitalist system, healthy competition among sellers is what keeps the economy going. It’s also what keeps the people stuffed and content (mostly with shit they don’t need). Now, regarding these two events, I once, being the pessimist I was, thought that it would breed bad blood between two major groups in Bali. You know, the “bigger dick” foreign policy? That event organizer has a better event, ergo we should trash them. It turns out, I might be wrong. Seni2Negeri, backed by a huge sponsor, has confirmed that it will bring JKT48 and J-Rocks straight to Bali. Rejoice you stinky middle-aged men wielding lightsticks, for your idols are to descend! I’ve also got a tip from a reliable anonymous source that DAF (also backed by loaded sponsors) will bring out Babymetal, One OK Rock, and possibly AKB48. More idols, more big names, and a whole lot of cash flowing around. Holy fucking shit indeed. And my, look at what healthy competition produces!


That’s all I can say for now; I’ll be doing more digging regarding these two events. I’ve already purchased my tickets for DAF, so you can all expect an event review (except if my schedule says otherwise). I’m not so sure about Seni2Negeri though; I was a little late in procuring the presale tickets. In the meantime, you weebs in Bali (and perhaps neighboring islands) might want to prepare your moneybags. You wouldn’t want to miss a chance to touch and lecherously pant all over Aza Miyuko or Misa TW, am I right?

All in all, it is in fact, a great time to be a weeaboo in Bali.


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