Weebs Gonna Weeb: Dismal Otaku in Indonesia

Disclaimer: I’m a bored person with unpopular opinions and a blog. I don’t have to bend to your confirmation bias, beliefs, or opinions. And if your ass is on fire, there’s a fire extinguisher at the exit. Try to inhale the CO2 gas as well, it does wonders for your health.


So a few days back, I was scrolling through my FB news feed. I stumbled upon a post (allegedly clickbait shitpost) by AndrianVidano. I wanted to write a follow-up post, but I was busy with riajuu stuff. Here’s my follow-up to AV’s post.

Written in a mixture of crude English and Bahasa, AV criticizes the Indonesian otaku community for being a bunch of “imbeciles”. AV touches on the quality of “otaku” groups, which have deteriorated to being nothing but a bunch of lazy “babies” doing nothing but reveling in a regurgitated mass of abused memes and perverted jokes. Of course, not all groups are like this; some pride themselves with intellectual discussions on anything Japanese.

I’ve been a member of Otaku Indonesia, supposedly the largest otaku group in Indonesia, for quite a while now, and to be blunt, it’s a fucking shithole. Every day, the members post nothing but memes of anime characters with stupid captions (“type [at]A and find out likes you”, or “Like if you’re a lolicon”). As if anime characters were not shit before, they’re reduced to being shitty memes that serve no purpose. The group is the lowest of the low, full of uncultured swines and babies with the lowest sense of humor.

It’s like the members ONLY know Japan is comprised of sex-crazed babes begging for cum or sexually-toned anime. They seem to know nothing beyond that realm of perversion. To them, anime is all about fanservice, boobs, and waifus. No wonder the general public thinks that anime is the lowest form of entertainment!

It’s futile to even consider trying to engage in intellectual discussion with them. For example, say that I have my disagreements about Naruto. If I write about my disagreements, these otaku babies will storm me, defending Naruto like the Islamic Defenders Front and Jonru “defend” Islam. They’re not accepting and highly hostile.

I’ve a hard time coming by quality groups like KAORI. In groups like KAORI, one can discuss anime and anything Japanese intellectually and also get relevant feedback without fear of being reprimanded by closed-minded babies and trolls.

AV’s harsh criticism should be used as a hard whip to get into shape. But then again, the anime industry is also going downhill these days, so these “fans” could just be victims of a decaying industry. Anyway, if you stayed long enough to read this, let me thank you for donating your time and traffic to this blog.


One thought on “Weebs Gonna Weeb: Dismal Otaku in Indonesia

  1. Heyo! It’s nice to see you react to this problem inside some of biggest ‘otaku’ group in Indonesia.

    And I really agree to your opi ion that many of anime right now is full of fanservice! I didn’t think about that when I shitposted in my blog.

    Anyway, keep kwalitet m8,
    Your infamous blog reader, AV


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