“I’ll Block You!”: Meet IPO-chan, Indonesia’s Newest Parody

Who said only the Japanese can be creative with gijinkas? Give some credit to Indonesians too!

Literally overnight, IPO-chan, Indonesia’s latest moefication of something that’s not a yaoi parody of Jakarta’s governor, became went viral, making her way into the news feeds of netizens. Give a big hand to Spring Roll Circle, for giving birth to IPO-chan.

For those who require a background, especially the non-Indonesians or Indonesians who have been living under a rock, IPO-chan is a parody of the Indonesian government’s discounted version of China’s Great Firewall, known as a net filtering service called “Internet Positif” (lit. positive internet). Internet Positif was the initiative of the last Communications Minister, Tifatul Sembiring. At first, it was aimed at blocking “malicious” websites (a one-sided interpretation by the government) such as porn and gambling. Later, it blocked reddit and Vimeo, sparking resistance from netizens as those sites have nothing to do with porn. Tifatul has since become a meme and will forever be remembered as the anti-freedom asshole who tried to block the net.

IPO-chan and her features.
IPO-chan and her features. Credit: Spring Roll Circle

Now, about IPO-chan. She wears a blue uniform, with a red skirt and black leggings. Her hair is black (or dark blue? I can’t tell sometimes) and she wears it in a side ponytail along with a headset, possibly to emphasize that she’s an employee of the Ministry of Communication. She is also portrayed as carrying a black file titled “Black List”, which probably refers to the growing list of websites blocked by Internet Positif. However, her trademark is her red, plus-sign eyes. The white plus sign over red is the logo of Internet Positif.

“Don’t be lewd or I’ll block you!”

As for her character, she is often described as “authoritative yet bullyable”. In some works, she appears to be “cool”, but breaks down whenever someone (often portrayed as males whose faces have been replaced by logos of VPNs or proxies) tries to stand up to her. Her character parodies the nature of Internet Positif: at first glance, it seems intimidating, but it’s easily beaten by the usage of simple, free VPN programs. And because Rule 34 exists, there’s already doujins where IPO-chan gets sexually abused by a bunch of VPNs. For example, go check out Maggot666‘s FB page. Fuck yes?

As more and more people realize the existence of IPO-chan, there has been some positive and some negative feedback. She is welcomed as a form of creative social criticism against Internet Positif, and she’s fun to play around with. Online artists are already producing their own versions of IPO-chan. But amidst the positive feedback, there’s always that one nutjob who thinks IPO-chan is government propaganda designed to fool netizens into supporting Internet Positif.

Credit to Maggot666.
Credit to Maggot666.

So what do you think about IPO-chan? I want a gangrape doujin as soon as possible, preferably made by Kxjati if he decides to jump on the bandwagon.

All images are copyright of their respective authors.


One thought on ““I’ll Block You!”: Meet IPO-chan, Indonesia’s Newest Parody

  1. What do I think about Ipo-chan, you ask? I want Ipo-chan to step on me while throwing harsh insults on how perverse and a horrible person I am. I also want a doujin when she BULLIES the bully.
    Nah, jk. lmao. Seeing the recent trend in moefied local things (musumie, this), pretty sure there will be moefied local ghosts and apparitions soon enough. Bakemusu! Now that’s what I’d like to see.


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