Battle of Surabaya and Blind Nationalism

Hey, what’s up Internet? I know that I’ve fucking vanished for the last couple of months because I now have a full-time job which doesn’t allow me a lot of leisure time to come up with sensationalist crap anymore. I’ve sort out my priorities and decided that instant coverage and rants on specific dramas are not important anymore. I still have time to watch anime, and am currently enjoying GATE, Charlotte, and as my guilty pleasure, Himouto. I don’t fucking care about watching more anime than anyone else because I don’t fucking have time for it anymore. 3 series are enough.

Okay, now on to the actual rant. Consider this a special, because the issue irked me so bad, I had to find time during work to fucking write this. I wasn’t even interested at first, but thanks to my favorite angry Canadian on YouTube, Buckley, I got interested in ranting again. And I’m gonna curse a lot, because (a) I’ve had an extremely bad day and (b) I can fucking do that.

So all of you fucking Indonesians must know about Battle of Surabaya. Of course, when I say “Indonesia”, it almost always means the fucking island of fucking Java. Fuck you, central government. And fuck you, monopolist movie theater business for not showing it in Bali. It’s a movie, an animated feature-length film, that has been stuffed under the rug for two years until it was finally released a week ago for public consumption. Of course, I’ve been a staunch supporter of the movie (I bought a fucking t-shirt for 13 bucks) when I first met the team at Hellofest, and was very disappointed that those assholes in the theater business decided not to show the movie in Bali. It tells the story of Musa, a young boy who delivers letters, and his role in a pivotal battle in Indonesian history that took place in Surabaya. That’s the gist of it.

Now, what’s wrong with the movie? Can’t tell, I haven’t seen it yet. Heard it was pretty good, based on reviews. And you fucking spoil anything, I’ll come to cut your fucking dick off and jam it in your fucking mouth and then force you to swallow it before I fucking strangle you.

The problem arises when an admin (yes, an official admin on the official FB page) tries to sell a product using subtly coercive techniques. See the screenshot below. BTW, I stole the image from AndrianVidano. Tell the guy I sent you.

Damn son, you be channeling the spirit of Hitler.

What I’m trying to point out here is how their PR guy’s trying to pull a Deutschland uber alles campaign on social media. Basically, they’re trying to sell the movie using blind nationalism. The screenshot can be roughly translated to:

“Oh, you didn’t watch this movie and/or give it a good rate on IMDb? You must fucking hate Indonesia, you atheistic communist piece of shit. GTFO this country. No wonder we’re losing to fucking ‘Murica,”

I’m proud that a team of Indonesian animators were willing to go at lengths to make the movie. That’s an effort I respect. Not everyone can make a full-length animated feature and sell it. But forcing me to give a good review, regardless of quality, just because it was made by Indonesians? Fuck you.

I don’t need an admin telling me to watch a movie just because it was made by Indonesians. Nor do I need someone using the appeal to nationalism to try to force me. If I think it’s a good movie, I’ll go fucking see it anyway. If it turned out to be bad, you can’t blame me for shitting all over it like what I did in my Tiap Detik review. I don’t care if an Indonesian or a Puerto Rican or an Arab made it. If it’s good, it’s good. If it’s bad, then it’s worth to be called a piece of shit. That’s how it should be. Honest feedback and criticism, devoid of cognitive biases especially appeal to nationalism, should be given to show both support and give a kick in the balls so these guys can improve and make better stuff in the future.

In the end, all of this makes me think that our self-esteem, as a nation, is really fucking low. So low, that we suddenly feel proud of anything that was made by an Indonesian, no matter how good or bad it is. It’s just like insisting on using a shitty laptop just because it was produced in Indonesia.

Now I hope the movie comes soon to Bali. Otherwise, I’m gonna kill a bitch.


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