Dewata Anime Festival – The Aftermath

UPDATES (2 October 2015):

1. KKO management has reported Aldo “the Bald” to the police. However, their report seems fishy, as it does not resemble an official police report. Compare this official police report taken from Google Images…

How a real police report should look like in Indonesia.
How a real police report should look like in Indonesia.

…with KKO’s report. See the difference?

What KKO’s report looks like

2. Discussion regarding refunds are still underway. The results of meetings have been kept secret. It is believed to be that way to prevent the spread of misinformation. There is a possibility of 100% refunds (unlike the previous 50%-75% refunds); however, details like WHEN and HOW refunds will be paid are still being discussed.

 Okay, so it has been 24 hours since DAF got fucking cancelled. And now, for damage control. A lot has happened in the last 24 hours, including statements of disappointment from guest stars to a fricking house raid and negotiations. Let’s explore more, shall we?

Different Treatment for Different People

I remember how it was when Seni2Negeri was cancelled. People online, especially those affiliated with a certain cosplay group, were extremely militant and merciless about the event. At that time, KKO “escaped” their responsibilities by acting as a third-party, leaving DNA to handle the angry masses.

Now that DAF has been cancelled, the reactions from these same people are now different. They seem to be defending KKO, putting them in the position of “victims” due to Aldo’s actions. Some even pretended to have partial amnesia and made Aldo a scapegoat for the failure of KKO. Sounds more like denial to me.

Why this happened, I can’t say for sure. However, what I stress here is that this entire disaster is and should be the fault of KKO as an organization. Though it was Aldo that took away the money, the guys at KKO should have seen it coming and took the necessary precautions. For this disastrous blunder, I believe they and all members deserve to be blacklisted from the event organizing landscape.

A Flurry of Guest Star Disappointing Statements

Up to now, I’ve read many posts from guest stars invited to DAF expressing their disappointment regarding the cancellation of the event.

Let’s start with Katy and Mira, which I feel is the most polite. Best quote: “Now we can study for midterms in peace”
11025962_495005370680860_4723000166122175891_nNext, we go to SAIDA Cosplay and Misa TW, both of which are straightforward and short.

12047119_495054520675945_2955280811312245371_n 11224271_495010394013691_8010194198986875437_n

But it is Pinky Lu Xun’s rant that takes the entire cake. You can access her rant here, in her FB note. In the note, Pinky provides a detailed explanation about her encounter as a guest star with KKO management. She warns the community to be aware of scammy EOs. She also tells about how rude they were, for example, using her photos and Ying Tze’s without permission and prior to an official contract. What’s interesting is her mentioning a certain clause in the contract which basically forces her to pay IDR 20 million to KKO if she bails; whereas, if KKO bails, they only need to talk it over. Not fair, right? Another interesting part is the sudden takedown of Lion Air as a sponsor. It only happened AFTER Pinky was contacted. Coincidence? Suddenly Lion Air drops their sponsorship JUST BECAUSE Pinky is afraid of flying on their airline? Wow, Pinky’s more powerful than Jesus.

A Nation-wide Response

This failure has also contributed badly to Bali’s track record. In 24 hours, this failure has been reported in multiple websites. Check out GwiGwi and Duniaku (yeah, really cool of you douches to just translate my entire article and modify it). Even KAORI has a short piece for it.

Even artists and dank meme lords have stepped up. Aldo “the Bald” Kotakotak has become a fucking meme, spawning many videos making fun of his shiny bald head. Take this one for example:

However, I rate it 0/10 because no MLG, no Smoke Weed Everyday, and no Doritos.

Ghosty Comics, a well-known artist and weeb satirist also published this comic.

Credits to GHOSTY
Credits to GHOSTY

And let’s not forget The Yokai Times, the best weeb satire digital newspaper in Indonesia.

Stolen from Yokai Times.
Stolen from Yokai Times.

But what is absolutely jaw-dropping… METRO TV, a national news network, has caught on it! A legit media, one used during the presidential campaigns and one of the major news networks in Indonesia, fucking knows about this failure! They published this news piece earlier.

Shit, Bali’s reputation is done for. Pack your bags, weebs. No more events for you! In the words of a wise man, “DAF is like the Bali Bombings. Instead this time, it’s for the weebs.”

A Call to Arms

A manhunt has been issued. Aldo “the Bald” is now on a hit list. His room was searched, but people found nothing. His FB page was deactivated, but it resurfaced with the name Dimas Gunadi. His last known whereabouts is in Jakarta.

Angry weebs stormed KKO’s office and engaged the remaining staff (or the cleanup crew) to negotiate a truce. These are the terms that are to be settled:


Let me translate and summarize.

Those who bought tickets will be given a 50% refund. A 75% refund will be issued for booth tenants and those who applied for accommodation. These refunds will be issued within 3 months after a deal is signed. As collateral, KKO provides 3 motorcycles.

Seems ok? Fuck no. A 50% refund on tickets? Dude, if an event fails, we want our entire money back. For me, personally, I don’t fucking care. I’ll just let go of that 60K I wasted. I consider it equal money for learning a lesson. But, others are not as forgiving as me. Consider the people who bought VIP tickets that cost upwards 150K. That’s a lot of money here; I can take my girlfriend out for a nice dinner with that cash and still have some left over for gas.

Another Event Lies in the Crosshairs


After DAF, the event Tokyo Fiesta, an annual event commemorating the birthday of Dewata Cosplay, is to be held. Oh great, it’s managed by fucking KKO again. So I’m expecting the event to be a fucking disaster all over again.

It has suffered a similar fate with DAF. Changing locations and dates, uncertainty regarding guest stars, and an unclear future. Though the above image says August 16, it has been moved to the end of October in a different location. If it does crash and burn again, then that’s THREE failed events handled by KKO.  And also another field day for me.

A Grim Prospect

The story is still developing. But I already see a lot of grim prospects for the future. The guest stars are obviously pissed, the people are angry, and I’m here sipping tea and jacking off to a Nao Tomori cosplay JAV. Okay, just kidding; it’s not Nao Tomori, but Chika Arimura cosplaying as different waifus. Anyway, because of this single event, Bali’s reputation has been scarred greatly. And I doubt no more international guest stars will bother coming to us.

They wanted to put Bali on the map of good international weeb events. They did way beyond that. They fucking took a can of black paint and smothered Bali entirely so nobody would even bother cleaning it up or come near it.

Never again.


2 thoughts on “Dewata Anime Festival – The Aftermath

  1. Interesting news. I feel sorry for your lost money. Yes. People must not trust something that come from the internet and do some (field) research before joining some fishy event.

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