DAF Aftermath – Apologies

It’s been a week after DAF has been cancelled. On the bright side, everyone’s on a path towards recovery. Refunds are being mediated, people have stopped fuelling the fire, and everyone seems to have moved on.

But as they say: if it burns, fuel it. So here’s a short rant.

Since DAF involved a lot of foreign guest star cosplayers, there has been much abuzz about their disappointment regarding the cancelled event. Arisa Chow, Meimei, Misa TW, Katy x Mira… some guest stars have expressed their disappointment about the event being cancelled. They also offered some condolences, perhaps directed to their disheartened fans that lost the chance to meet them.

And naturally, what should happen next? Of course, fans have to grovel and bend over forward in an attempt to apologize to these guest stars. All because a fucking event got cancelled. And in a way so mindless, as well.

We live in an era of apologies. Even comedians can’t make a joke without having to apologize because a special snowflake felt offended. I can’t even make dark religious jokes without some asshat being offended and demanding an apology.

Let me tell you what’s happening. So, YUZU, a rising cosplayer in Indonesia, and her friend made a call to action called the “Letter of Apology from Indonesia”. The idea is to take a photo of yourself holding a piece of paper written “Sorry someone else fucked up and now we desperately don’t want you to be pissed at us” and then sending it to the disappointed guest stars.

While I personally think that the idea is sweet and lovely, but it’s a bunch of bullshit.

First of all, tell me WHY a bunch of unrelated people have to go through trouble just to issue an apology to a bunch of guest stars? It would make more sense if KKO themselves issued a formal apology (not the bullshit apology letters they have on their FB page) to the guest stars. For example, if I was ripped off by a bank, I would be expecting a formal apology from the bank’s manager and their fucking board of fat-cat directors, NOT a random asshole standing in line behind me or a bunch of other people just happening to feel saintly at the time. These guys have no reason to apologize, and even if they apologized, it would not have the same impact as an apology from KKO.

I get that DAF being cancelled is a disgrace for Indonesia and Bali in particular, but that doesn’t mean suddenly everyone has to act on behalf of a shitty EO that’s comprised of arrogant assholes thinking they have what it takes to handle an international-level event.

You know what you’re doing? You’re basically being a dick by patronizing them. It’s like when you’re at a funeral, and some random asshole steps up and says “Sorry for your loss”. It doesn’t do shit, except let you remember that whoever it is you’re mourning is fucking dead. Besides, I doubt the guest stars have time to actually CARE about the apology because they have guest star shit to attend to, like maintaining their rank on WorldCosplay or answering fan mail or getting boob jobs somewhere, I don’t care.

Instead, do something better rather than internet slacktivism. If the guest star makes another appearance in Indonesia, say in another convention, go fucking buy the tickets and buy their fucking merchandise. Like their pictures on WorldCosplay. Send them an encouraging fan email, if you’re lazy as fuck. That’s support and appreciation.

And why stop at foreign guest stars? What about the other “normal” people who got duped by the millions by KKO? Why are there no “Letters of Apology” for them? If you’re gonna do something, at least do it consistently. Why should only foreign guest stars get special treatment?

Instead of licking the heels of foreign guest stars and grovelling for mercy, why not help the people planning out events in the future that involve foreign guest stars? I bet there’s a bunch of events in Jakarta and Bandung happening this month and next. Help spread the word via internet, help organize, anything, rather than weeping for someone that doesn’t give two fucks about you. It’s better to help rather than wallow in despair just because your fap material failed to come.

Have some dignity please. Just because an event got cancelled, doesn’t mean Indonesia’s reputation worsens. And it also doesn’t mean we have to suddenly degrade ourselves just for attention. In fact, it’s already rock-bottom, with all the haze and shit. Now that’s an issue I’d like to see. Write “Letters of Apology” for the many people choking on Indonesia’s fumes. Why are we not fucking doing that?


7 thoughts on “DAF Aftermath – Apologies

  1. I know “her friend” since I commenting on her post too.
    Well said sir, “Letter of Apology from Indonesia” thing is nonsense.


  2. Your statement ” Have some dignity please. Just because an event got cancelled, doesn’t mean Indonesia’s reputation worsens” is not 100% true. Three of DAF’s guest cosplayers MISA, Tsubasa, and Luffy decided to not attend Indonesian events anymore (and they backed down from attending a large Bandung event called FJB or Bandung Wonderland) since MISA the drama queen made a status about how irresponsible Indonesian EO is and suggested that they (MISA, tsubasa, luffy) go to another country instead.
    I guess YUZU is trying hard to prevent other guest stars from following MISA’s footsteps but well I agree that YUZU and her friends could’ve done something better.

    (Do correct me if I made any mistakes, cheers)


    1. I’ve heard of that, but still man, Misa Luffy and Tsubasa are just 3 people. There’s a lot of other guest stars to choose from, and there’s more born from the internet every day.


  3. That’s what i think when everything started few days ago.
    Seriously, they have no dignity at all just because their fap material got scammed by some ashole baldy.


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