Weebs and Delusions, What to Do?

This has been nagging me in my head for quite a while now. I’ve noticed that there’s a trend in pages posting screenshots of cringe-y FB posts made by delusional weebs. Not that there’s anything wrong with that — I go to Shit Tumblr Says and The Best of 4chan for my dose of daily keks and shitposts.

Apparently, it’s an internet tradition: posting screenshots and having daily keks from other people’s stupidity or delusions. It’s natural; it’s been around since TV. Remember 1000 Ways to Die, America’s Funniest Home Videos, or Science of Stupid? The latter I recommend, it has physics in it. But what of weebs acting delusional online? Consider the story (that never happened) of a person who killed a friend for mocking SAO, then proceeding to kill the principal, then the entire school, and making every girl in the school his harem. I’m pretty sure this guy knows he’s delusional; he’s just probably looking for attention online. There’s also more unsettling “otaku stories” of people wanting to live the life of an anime or wanting to become Japanese altogether. Consider the story of someone who changed (supposedly in a joking manner) the Youth Pledge of 28 October to reflect their willingness to live in the holy land of the Dai Nippon Empire. It’s not funny, considering the Youth Pledge of 28 October was an important Indonesian historical event that paved the way for independence. But though it lacks humor and tact, it makes me wonder, why are these people so fucking delusional?

I get the “seeking attention” part, but why go to such lengths to get attention? I’m guessing it’s part of a multidimensional problem that has gripped the country’s people since 1965: we lack a robust national identity. And as people in a never-ending identity crisis, we latch on to other identities we deem ideal. If people had something to be collectively proud of, I guess we would not be as delusional as fuck. If Pak Raden was Miyazaki, Indonesia would have had a legendary archive of animated art worthy of being proud of. People would be delusional about living in the world of Pak Raden, not Reki Kawahara. By the way, rest in peace, ye who colored my childhood. Ye are immortal now.

We’re talking about young people here. Young narcissistic fucks with social media access at their fingertips and internetz to download pirated Chinese cartoons. These animations create an idealized world, one which they can escape to without worry. From there, they discover an idealized version of Japan. Trust me, Japan only looks good on the outside, but on the inside, they have the same amount of problems any developed country has. Thus, because they don’t have anything to be proud of in this third world shithole, they latch onto these idealized images. Somewhere along the way, they lose track of the boundaries between fantasy and reality. And with social media, they can post anything to feed their delusions. The result? We have those screenshots of cringe-y posts to kek at.

So what should be done about it? Nothing actually. Posting screenshots of those cringe-y posts? I don’t think that works too much. It could either (a) feed their delusions or (b) drive them towards irrationality. Join in the bandwagon by publicly shaming them for having such delusions? Nah, I’m not a big fan of that. You know, the thing that I do is: fucking ignore them. They’re just one of billions of people on the internet. Why waste energy and time on just one person? I like to think that they’re living in a phase, and that phase will eventually pass once they grow up and learn the harsh realities of life. So, why bother? Let them have their fun. And for those who enjoy keks from those kind of posts, have your fun too. Make drama of it, so long as it doesn’t end up in real life violence.

But if someone starts have real, psychological delusions of grandeur, you might consider consulting a shrink… because that’s another, much more serious problem.


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