Joke of the Day: Surabaya Anime Festival

CLARIFICATION (13 November 2015): The poster below has been clarified as someone’s schoolwork for their graphic design course or something like that. While the keks have been had and even SOZO tweeted about this shit, the damage has been done. Reminder to you all (and especially the OP) that doing this kind of shit is not fucking okay, especially when you post pictures of legitimate companies, intellectual property, and artists and upload it on social media for everyone to see. Shit happens. If it was stated that it was for educational purposes, that would be okay; but there was no disclaimer beforehand.

Now move along, people. Plenty of other shit to look at.

So there I was, during my lunch break at work, derping around on FB while enjoying a plate of nasi goreng, when I saw this picture:


Fuck you, uploader, for making me choke on my nasi goreng.

Even though DAF and its drama has long subsided (well, I wouldn’t say it’s over yet, because refunds are taking too fucking long due to stubbornness from the remaining members of KKO; I hear they’re getting a lawyer now), it seems the bald ghost of Aldo is still haunting us. A poster, out of nowhere, suddenly emerged on FB. It is a poster for an event to be held on 18 December 2015 called the Surabaya Anime Festival. Or SAF, just for short. The poster lacked A E S T H E T I C S so much, Van Gogh must be squirming in his grave right now.

SAF claims that a bunch of Japanese guest stars (Aya Uchida and Babymetal!) are coming to Surabaya for a weeb event. Sponsoring the event are some big names: SOZO, Kinokuniya, Japan Foundation, etc. Holy shit, these guys must have more power than the energy mafia in Indonesia. And it also promises an appearance of Danny Choo, who I know doesn’t make appearances for pleb-level events. You can all that, and a complimentary gift, for the low price of IDR 100K. Yep, a SAF ticket is cheaper than a large pizza at Domino’s.

Please let me relocate my sides, which seemed to have blasted off into the final frontier where no sides have ever gone before.

I immediately got into contact with a guy at SOZO and they don’t even know of such event, let alone agreeing to sponsor it. I didn’t have to anyway; I knew the poster was a fucking joke from the beginning.

But, considering the tragic DAF incident, I will continue to deliver this PSA: use your fucking common sense on the Internet. If something is too good to be true, it usually is. After DAF, weebs across Indonesia should at least maintain a high degree of skepticism when it comes to weeb events like this. Check the backgrounds of the event organizers, call the contact person or associated sponsors to confirm the event, and please, for the love of whichever God you choose to believe in, quadruple-check the facts.

By the way, the last known whereabouts of Aldo “Si Botak” (the motherfucker behind DAF) was in Surabaya. Perhaps this is another scheme?

I sincerely hope this stupid poster is just a sample project of a college student majoring in graphic design for their “Introduction to Layout” class. Or just a random joke to give us the sugary sweetness of drama in our boring, dreary lives.


5 thoughts on “Joke of the Day: Surabaya Anime Festival

    1. I’m affraid aldo botak organize this fake event.
      I live in Surabaya, still waiting reply from Danny Choo and Babymetal ID fans for confirmation.


  1. Before you make a whole post dedicated for this poster, you better check the comment of this image on Facebook. It is confirmed to be fake, a mock-up poster someone (with lack of design skill and sense) made for her/his school assignment. Just telling this so that nobody would spread it even further and make unnecessary big fuss.


    1. Yes, now I do know that it is indeed a mock-up poster, but still, it was not right for the OP (or a crappy friend) to upload the assignment on social media. People have different perceptions of the news on social media, and things like this spread like wildfire really easy.

      The OP had already clarified the poster, but the damage has been done. Even SOZO has already tweeted about this shitstorm.


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