First Love Live! Maid Cafe in Bali

If December rains makes your day gray, perhaps you need nine school idols to lighten you up! Serving mouth-watering sushi from Zushioda, the characters of the hit anime series, Love Live! are dressed up in maid outfits and will be at your service through the dreary rain.

The Love Live!-themed maid cafe was held on 6 December 2015 at Zushioda Mahendradatta Selatan in Denpasar, Bali. It is the first ever Love Live!-themed maid cafe in Bali.


Due to a sudden heavy downpour, the maid cafe experienced a slight delay. But the wait was worth it, because as soon as the doors opened, customers were immediately greeted by the cheerful voices of the personnel of Hallow Muse, a Love Live! cosplay group in Bali.


Once the first wave of customers were seated with their respective maids, the maid cafe had officially started.

At their tables, the customers were provided with not only the companionship of a Hallow Muse member, they were also given playing cards as an activity to do while waiting for their order. Customers also had a chance to get a Polaroid photo taken with their maid of choice. And as a souvenir, they also got special exclusive trinkets from their respective maids.DSC_0125 DSC_0049 DSC_0042 DSC_0239


The food was provided by Zushioda, which included a roll of sushi (10 pieces) and a choice of a drink. The items on the menu are named after members of Love Live!; I would have had the Nozomi-themed Giant Washi Roll and a Nico-themed drink.






The maids also provided some fan service to please the customers. Now, now, get those minds out of the gutter. It’s all safe. And of course, there’s the obligatory Nico-Maki pairing.



People’s Talk

I got a chance to talk with the second-in-command of the maid cafe, Adit from the Love Live! Bali Nakama group. Here’s what we talked about:

Adit, second-in-command.
Adit, second-in-command.

So, what inspired you to start this maid cafe?

You know, we just had this crazy idea to start an event, because we saw that there are few Love Live!-related events in Bali. Honestly, it all started from a random idea, and it actually came true!

Why a maid cafe?

There are very few maid cafes held in Bali, especially ones with a Love Live! theme. We have a community that is highly interested in Love Live!, and we also have a cosplay group that likes Love Live! as well. The theme was also good, you know, Love Live with a maid cafe, so there’s that.

Has it been hard making the maid cafe a reality?

Of course. We faced many obstacles along the way. We had a hard time finding sponsors, so we all had to chip in. It was also hard assembling a team together and furthermore, motivating the team to keep on going. But in the end, we finally did it.

What do you see in the future for the maid cafe? I mean, it is the first in Bali.

In the future, I personally would like to continue the maid cafe and make it bigger, because it is the first Love Live maid cafe ever in Bali. I think as long as the community is supportive, we would be able to make it bigger.

I also got to talk with one of the customers after their session was over. Here’s what Angga and I talked about:

What did you think about the maid cafe?

I thought it was a really fun experience. Most maid cafes that I’ve visited are rather strict with their rules and the atmosphere is rather rigid, but this maid cafe was really different. The maids were fun and they were really friendly. It’s like the “barrier” between customer and maid is really thin.

Do you think the maid cafe can be improved?

So far, the maid cafe was very good. I just felt that the session should have been longer, because one hour feels too short for me.

To end a good day at the maid cafe, the members of Hallow Muse sang the song Wonderful Rush as the customers exited. Now that’s a great antidote for a boring rainy day! When they came out, the rain had already stopped, so what else to do than a group picture?


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored event post written as part of my partnership as media partner with the Love Live! community in Bali.


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