Why I Listen to Vocaloid and (almost) Nothing Else

I listen to it everyday. At work, I always have a YouTube tab open in my browser to play some Vocaloid tunes. When I write alone in my room, I do the same. If there’s no Internet, I always have a playlist ready.

I’m not what you would call a music enthusiast. Or is the term “edgy cocksucker who always thinks everyone’s music preference is shit and just loves pushing his shitty recommendations onto other people” too harsh? Anyway, I enjoy listening to Vocaloid music all the time. I almost never listen to anything else, though I do think that music from the 90s are still the best. Who doesn’t like Smash Mouth and Backstreet Boys?

You might be thinking that I’m a fucking weeb just because I only listen to Vocaloid. I’m totally chill with that. The reason why I listen to Vocaloid is not because it’s good. Heck, some of the music is terrible and makes me want to question why the good Lord would even allow people to even create this shit in the first place. No, the reason I listen to Vocaloid is very personal to me: it helped me through a very rough patch in my life.

In my third semester in college, my high school sweetheart broke up with me in the most devastating way I can think of: she liked another person, and she broke up with me right after we saw each other for the first time in a long time. I took a critical hit and then went into a depressing period. During that time, a good friend recommended a song, Rainbow Girl. That was the gateway drug I needed to get hooked on Vocaloid. I knew about Vocaloid previously, but back then, internet wasn’t as cheap or fast as today, so I never went on YouTube to search for Vocaloid videos. From there, I continued my journey down the Vocaloid rabbit hole, discovering mellow songs like Just be FriendsI Wanna Be Your World, and SpiCa. I listened to them everyday, and they helped me get past my horrible period.

Now, I’ve moved way past that period, yet I’m still listening to Vocaloid. Some of the songs in my playlist are already attributed to some memories, from painful to joyful. For example, the entire Re:Dial album by livetune is linked to the time I lived alone in Jakarta for my internship. Just Be Friends is a timeless classic. When coupled with Answer, the two remind me of my depressing phase and how I came over it. The Decorator album is linked to my first Miku Expo experience. Heck, Vocaloid has helped me write some short stories that were published in my university magazine. Finder by livetune became my inspiration to write about a photographer and a cancer patient. Starduster by JimmyThumbP and SpiCa by Toku-P are both currently my sources of inspiration for a love story between an astronaut and a handicapped woman.

So, those are the reasons I listen and will continue to listen to Vocaloid. It’s not because I think other music is trash (well, I do, especially Justin Bieber), or because I’m a weeb; it’s solely because I feel a personal connection with Vocaloid and the skilled composers that have composed so many beautiful songs. Thank you.


5 thoughts on “Why I Listen to Vocaloid and (almost) Nothing Else

  1. Lol, we have kind a bit the same story on how we got into Vocaloid.
    For my case though, after the heartbreak event I’m starting to write a song and published them instead of becoming a Vocaloid fans.

    From there it become addicting and conveying your true feeling through this Vocaloid software is so damn honest and sincere in my songs.


  2. I want to do this, loving only one genre or one artist, but basically youtube always give me another genre of music that popout on their recommended video section. So when my fav music is over, they automatically change it to another song.

    That way I discover a lot of good music almost accidentaly, last time I discover electro swing when I watch some anisong because they have use animation on their music video (name of the song Rock it for Me from Caravan Palace) and youtube think that it’s related to Peeping Life TV OP (bradio ftw).

    I love some of the miku videos like sekiranun gravity and rome juliet, if im not mistaken. But maybe that’s all. I dont know why tho, its not really pleasing my ears


  3. Aww, so you have an emotional bond with VOCALOID, huh..
    For me tho, I really never heard of any VOCALOID songs until i played Hatsune Miku Project DIVA 2nd on PSP (yes 2nd, not the 1st one. I’m a slowpoke), and my favorite song ’till now is Romeo x Cinderella.

    There’s a buncha good songs from many-many composers. But still, somehow it kinda irritates me to hear VOCALOID every single time, so I just listen to it every once in a while.

    As for my favorite genre, it’s gotta be UK Hardcore.


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