The Unavoidable Graduation

Perhaps you guys might have noticed that I’ve been talking a lot about my daily life and the problems I’ve encountered after being abruptly tossed into the “real world”. I’ve come to terms that I am now a riajuu and I have to act as such. Let me tell you one thing, guys. Your graduation from a weeb to a riajuu is inevitable, and forcing to delay it will only cause more harm than good.

When I was in high school, I thought that I would be a weeb forever. I would watch anime all day and write about anime. Maybe collect a few figures. I thought I was cool for having something to be passionate about, for standing out of the crowd. I would always have a circle of friends that I would talk to about weeb stuff, and since today’s world is an open world, I wouldn’t care what people thought of me if they saw my FB profile full of 2D cartoon characters. Yeah, that was idiotic past me talking, and now, present me wants to go back in time so bad and kick past me in the fucking balls.

You see guys, no matter how hard you try to stay in the weeb phase, we will all eventually graduate from it. No exception. Maybe not now in high school, maybe not in college, and maybe perhaps not until you’re in your 30s. But it will come someday, whether you like it or not.

Unfortunately for me, my graduation date was six months ago, when I began working. I wasn’t a pleasant transition period, but it was something I had to go through. I couldn’t watch a lot of anime because my workload, I couldn’t find time to write about anime, I couldn’t even attend events any time I wanted because I was so afraid of my boss calling me whenever she needed me for something on the weekends. I even had to cut time with my friends. At the office, I had to leave my weeb side behind, lock it behind a cage, and had to put on this bland corporate mask. I had to like the music my co-workers were listening to, indulge them in talks about pop singers I don’t even know because I listen to Vocaloid all the time, receive awkward stares when I try to be funny and make references to pop culture, and also feel really uneasy whenever a co-worker discovers that I have Hatsune Miku for my wallpaper. Trust me, it was fucking hard.

Now, I think my transition is complete. The rough patches are gone… for now. I still manage to find time to watch anime, I still have some of my old friends, I still have the AV+ Community dudes at my back, and my girlfriend has been a huge help in accompanying me through my quarter-life crisis and weeb-to-riajuu transition process.

But for others, it might not be the same. For those who continuously stall their graduation date, I say, stop doing it. Being an edgy weeb means jack shit in the real world, where you will always be expected to perform and behave like a normal member of society. People won’t get your witty anime references nor will they be understandable that you still watch cartoons and masturbate to 2D girls. They would sure as fuck not “appreciate” your differences, because that’s how society works: they put pressure on everybody to comply by their rules. I’m not saying you have to abandon your identity altogether, but you should at least try to stow it away when you’re in the “real world”. Because the real world is harsh, and it won’t be nicer on you just because you choose to continuously deny your inevitable transition. Even if you happen to work along the lines of Japanese pop culture, you still need to leave your weeb tendencies behind – especially the negative ones – because you have to work together with humans. Normal humans, mostly.

I know I’ve been sounding a bit sad lately, but I really am beat from this “real world” crap. Even two days off a week can’t help me. So, please ignore this if you don’t like depressing posts. Thanks for reading.


10 thoughts on “The Unavoidable Graduation

  1. Damn, I hope things will look better for you further down the road.

    I found that the easiest way to stop feeling depressed is to give less fucks about the small things and find some way to distract yourself from negative thoughts.

    I stopped caring about how people look at me, if they can’t appreciate who I am, it’s their loss. I have a few dear friends who genuinely care about me anyway. And also, I realized there was no need for me to concern myself about being “normal”, we’re all different and weird people one way or another so it doesn’t matter. I tried to be normal and honestly it was basically forcing myself to suit someone else’s foolish standards. I just simply stopped, decided to be free, and to be who I truly am.

    One last thing, it’s ok to still be interested in Anime or whatever hobby you like, there’s no age limit on fun. If someone is saying that you’re not an adult for liking what you like, then they’re the ones who are ironically being immature by trying to hard to be an adult.

    If you find some spare time, go do what you love and just don’t give a fuck.

    Hope this helps. 🙂


    1. Thanks Hayashi, really needed this. Basically, the reason I’m so down in the dumps is this unnerving pressure on me to quickly pursue my MA studies added with the looming fear of me not being able to get a decent job after quitting my old one.


  2. “Being an edgy weeb means jack shit in the real world”

    Now that’s a good statement. When a weeb delay their graduation, they’ll only become a jackass who can do nothing but badmouth other nweebs (is that even a thing? lol.) and become a certain group called elites (but nothing is elite about them).

    Anyway, yes, even I –although still a chronic weeb myself– recognize this phase. I am now transiting into a more responsible person while still enjoying my hobby.

    It’s not about leaving your hobby actually, it’s about putting it in the right place. There’s no fucking way in hell you can show it in your workplace unless you work in the anime industry or some fancy shit like that.

    In the end, congrats AhoTaku. I hope I, too, can graduate.
    Still, I have AV+ to maintain now, and it’s still like a newborn loli, so I need to at least take care of it until I can choose a successor.


      1. Fuck off m8, she’s my child. lol
        Anyway, goodluck man. Hope you can be like those riman who works and have a good yome-san


  3. “Because the real world is harsh, and it won’t be nicer on you just because you choose to continuously deny your inevitable transition.”

    7 months of constant working now being a web dev after grads and keeping shut about my identity as a weeb does really hurt me enough.
    Plus added again when you realized that you want to go back again in your state of weeb when it was is kinda like suicide, because you’re now a part of society and has to work for the society..

    I wish i was strong enough


    1. I feel ya fam.
      I’ve been working six months as a content writer and social media guy for an NGO, and the workload is stressful enough + driving back and forth for 2 hours every day. I’m expected to be productive every day (even not on work days), and now, I can’t even watch a single episode of anime (on my days off) without feeling guilty of doing something nonproductive. It sucks balls, but for the moment, there’s no way out…

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  4. I understand how you feel.
    A little thing I learned from one of my colleagues at butcher’s hall is that, if somehow you are working a quite respected profession, you can, YES you can keep being a weeb. One exception though, others will begin to kiss your ass a lot, in front of you they will say you have a good hobby, but behind they’ll say you are a childish. That situation makes my friend never give a damn anymore about him being a weeb at his workplace.
    But we live in real world, and not the one that we have constructed to be our ideal world.
    It is hard, graduate, but don’t let it stress you out, if you really want it, just do it, find times.
    It’s hard for me too, but I try to keep a balance. Because most importantly, don’ let others dictate you with their shitty taste.
    You’re a smart person, I’m sure you’ll figure it out.

    So keep a balanced healthy diet of Animol, Vocaloidium, and Lolitax, consult your physician when underdose or overdose occur.
    Wink wink :p


  5. If you can balance your weeb knowledge and real knowledge it will be better because right now i’m handling japanese program on radio fm in bandung and the attention was positive from the listeners and the higher ups from my radio. Also people already seen me as “the guy who listen to all kind of music including anisong” so when people seen me they sometimes say “Wew, Luthfi you know so much about Japanese music and anime scene”. So it’s still ok to be a weeb because if i’m not a weeb it’s impossible to keep up with my listeners and people who asked me about Japanese music scene. Living in the world sometimes exhausting and you must didn’t hear people talking that you like 2D figures, just let it go.


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