Cute Maids and Good Food at Akiha Bali Maid Cafe

It seems that there’s a bunch of energetic cosplayers and/or weebs in Bali. This is me judging solely from the increasing amount of maid cafes that have suddenly sprouted up, usually in partnerships with local, small Japanese-style restaurants in Denpasar.

The most recent café features ten lovely and cute maids ready to serve their masters over a two-day period from 11-12 June 2016 at Sushi Tsuki restaurant, located at Jalan Gatot Subroto in Denpasar. The maid café, hosted by newcomer organizer, Akiha Bali, adds to the diversity of maid cafes that the island has seen, such as the Love Live! maid café last year and Dream Chamber.

I got a chance to be at the café on the second day, on 12 June 2016. I wanted to attend on the 11th, but I had family matters that came first.

Unlike previous maid cafes which I’ve visited, Akiha Bali Maid Café used a semi-reservation system. Here’s what I mean. Usually, when you buy tickets to a maid café, you have a chance to choose to be served by your maid of choice. However, at Akiha Bali, your ticket only guaranteed entry, not your maid of choice. Despite that drawback which some might consider significant, the maid café was still bustling from its opening to its close.

The café opened at 11 AM, but it wasn’t until the second shift (5-9 PM) that the café began to see a massive flow of customers. The place was crowded with people, from obvious weebs to “normal” people who wanted to sample a taste of a maid café. Though overwhelmed, the maids worked hard. And still, they managed to cope with the demanding customers.

I mean, like, God, the café was at full capacity by 7 PM, the entire two floors. Holy shit.

There were ten maids working the café, dressed in cute pink dresses under white aprons. They served their guests with smiles and cuteness. Before entering the door, you would need to pray to the RNG God to have a chance to be with the maid you wanted. Anyway, once you were seated, the maid would give you a warm welcome. You also had a chance to get your photo taken by yours truly, which you were able to redeem when you left. Then, your maid would take your order and while waiting for the food to be cooked by the awesome guys at Sushi Tsuki, your maid would play a random card game or board game to entertain you. Perhaps that was why the entire café was bustling with laughs and life.

Each person or group (the tickets admitted max 3 persons per ticket) had around 1 hour with a single maid. They passed the time chatting or playing. Of course, no touchy-touchy!

Still on the subject of maids, I had the chance to view the behind-the-scenes preparation which of course, I cannot talk about. But let me just say that their preparation was really worth it. Why, you ask? Because one of the winning edges of Akiha Bali’s Maid Café was regular maid performances at 2 PM, 4 PM, 6 PM, and 8 PM which featured dances and singing! Hell yeah!

Speaking of food, Akiha Bali’s Maid Café clearly stands out of the competition. Though Sushi Tsuki is a fairly new Japanese restaurant, the maid café boasted one of the most diverse menus I’ve ever seen. You could choose from over ten types of drinks, from the humble green tea (free refills!) to iced cappuccinos; and over twenty types of foods, from mix bento dishes to my favourite, the chicken teriyaki udon set. There’s something for everyone’s taste!

Along for the ride were UK-based cosplayers, Shiru and Fai, who were there to meet their fans. You could also buy Shiru merchandise, such as her photobook and selected pictures.

And once the last customer went out of the door, all the maids cheered, for they know they have brought an ounce of happiness to their customers. Good job maids and Akiha Bali!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored event post written as part of my partnership as media partner with Akiha Bali in Bali.


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