About Ahotaku


About AhoTaku

“ahotaku39” is my screen name. “AhoTaku” is the combination of “aho” and “otaku“. “Aho” means “idiot” pronounced in Kansai dialect. If you’re here, you may already know what “otaku” means. If not, Google it. The “39” at the back is basically Japanese word play. You read it as “sankyuu” which means “thank you”. I just like the word play, nothing more to ask here. Why do say I’m an idiot otaku? That’s because I am. I don’t know much anime trivia and only have a basic grasp on anime. I’m not your stereotypical otaku type of person.

I’m a Indonesian college student (so please bear with any grammatical mistakes or lack of vocabulary) who just loves anime. I also like cosplay, which I’ve been into since a year ago. I also like collecting Nendoroids because they’re just too cute, unlike Figma or PVC figures which cost too much. I pretty much like all types of anime and I watch anime for either three of these elements: story, graphics, moe. I like all genres, but my favorites are romance, comedy, slice of life and action. If you’re asking for my anime girl preferences, I love them with pink hair, small to flat chests, and loli. The pic above describes my tastes generally.

Since my days are quite packed with activities and I don’t have a stable internet connection, I won’t be able to regularly post stuff on this blog. Feel free to browse around, leave a comment or two…. just enjoy your stay here.


7 thoughts on “About Ahotaku

      1. Aha! See, that wasn’t so hard– *sees taste in anime girls* …….*shakes head in disbelief* You were better off without an about page!!! 😀


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