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Cute Maids and Good Food at Akiha Bali Maid Cafe

It seems that there’s a bunch of energetic cosplayers and/or weebs in Bali. This is me judging solely from the increasing amount of maid cafes that have suddenly sprouted up, usually in partnerships with local, small Japanese-style restaurants in Denpasar.

The most recent café features ten lovely and cute maids ready to serve their masters over a two-day period from 11-12 June 2016 at Sushi Tsuki restaurant, located at Jalan Gatot Subroto in Denpasar. The maid café, hosted by newcomer organizer, Akiha Bali, adds to the diversity of maid cafes that the island has seen, such as the Love Live! maid café last year and Dream Chamber. Continue reading Cute Maids and Good Food at Akiha Bali Maid Cafe

First Love Live! Maid Cafe in Bali

If December rains makes your day gray, perhaps you need nine school idols to lighten you up! Serving mouth-watering sushi from Zushioda, the characters of the hit anime series, Love Live! are dressed up in maid outfits and will be at your service through the dreary rain.

The Love Live!-themed maid cafe was held on 6 December 2015 at Zushioda Mahendradatta Selatan in Denpasar, Bali. It is the first ever Love Live!-themed maid cafe in Bali.


Due to a sudden heavy downpour, the maid cafe experienced a slight delay. But the wait was worth it, because as soon as the doors opened, customers were immediately greeted by the cheerful voices of the personnel of Hallow Muse, a Love Live! cosplay group in Bali.


Once the first wave of customers were seated with their respective maids, the maid cafe had officially started.

At their tables, the customers were provided with not only the companionship of a Hallow Muse member, they were also given playing cards as an activity to do while waiting for their order. Customers also had a chance to get a Polaroid photo taken with their maid of choice. And as a souvenir, they also got special exclusive trinkets from their respective maids.DSC_0125 DSC_0049 DSC_0042 DSC_0239


The food was provided by Zushioda, which included a roll of sushi (10 pieces) and a choice of a drink. The items on the menu are named after members of Love Live!; I would have had the Nozomi-themed Giant Washi Roll and a Nico-themed drink.






The maids also provided some fan service to please the customers. Now, now, get those minds out of the gutter. It’s all safe. And of course, there’s the obligatory Nico-Maki pairing.



People’s Talk

I got a chance to talk with the second-in-command of the maid cafe, Adit from the Love Live! Bali Nakama group. Here’s what we talked about:

Adit, second-in-command.
Adit, second-in-command.

So, what inspired you to start this maid cafe?

You know, we just had this crazy idea to start an event, because we saw that there are few Love Live!-related events in Bali. Honestly, it all started from a random idea, and it actually came true!

Why a maid cafe?

There are very few maid cafes held in Bali, especially ones with a Love Live! theme. We have a community that is highly interested in Love Live!, and we also have a cosplay group that likes Love Live! as well. The theme was also good, you know, Love Live with a maid cafe, so there’s that.

Has it been hard making the maid cafe a reality?

Of course. We faced many obstacles along the way. We had a hard time finding sponsors, so we all had to chip in. It was also hard assembling a team together and furthermore, motivating the team to keep on going. But in the end, we finally did it.

What do you see in the future for the maid cafe? I mean, it is the first in Bali.

In the future, I personally would like to continue the maid cafe and make it bigger, because it is the first Love Live maid cafe ever in Bali. I think as long as the community is supportive, we would be able to make it bigger.

I also got to talk with one of the customers after their session was over. Here’s what Angga and I talked about:

What did you think about the maid cafe?

I thought it was a really fun experience. Most maid cafes that I’ve visited are rather strict with their rules and the atmosphere is rather rigid, but this maid cafe was really different. The maids were fun and they were really friendly. It’s like the “barrier” between customer and maid is really thin.

Do you think the maid cafe can be improved?

So far, the maid cafe was very good. I just felt that the session should have been longer, because one hour feels too short for me.

To end a good day at the maid cafe, the members of Hallow Muse sang the song Wonderful Rush as the customers exited. Now that’s a great antidote for a boring rainy day! When they came out, the rain had already stopped, so what else to do than a group picture?


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored event post written as part of my partnership as media partner with the Love Live! community in Bali.

Joke of the Day: Surabaya Anime Festival

CLARIFICATION (13 November 2015): The poster below has been clarified as someone’s schoolwork for their graphic design course or something like that. While the keks have been had and even SOZO tweeted about this shit, the damage has been done. Reminder to you all (and especially the OP) that doing this kind of shit is not fucking okay, especially when you post pictures of legitimate companies, intellectual property, and artists and upload it on social media for everyone to see. Shit happens. If it was stated that it was for educational purposes, that would be okay; but there was no disclaimer beforehand.

Now move along, people. Plenty of other shit to look at.

So there I was, during my lunch break at work, derping around on FB while enjoying a plate of nasi goreng, when I saw this picture:


Fuck you, uploader, for making me choke on my nasi goreng.

Even though DAF and its drama has long subsided (well, I wouldn’t say it’s over yet, because refunds are taking too fucking long due to stubbornness from the remaining members of KKO; I hear they’re getting a lawyer now), it seems the bald ghost of Aldo is still haunting us. A poster, out of nowhere, suddenly emerged on FB. It is a poster for an event to be held on 18 December 2015 called the Surabaya Anime Festival. Or SAF, just for short. The poster lacked A E S T H E T I C S so much, Van Gogh must be squirming in his grave right now.

SAF claims that a bunch of Japanese guest stars (Aya Uchida and Babymetal!) are coming to Surabaya for a weeb event. Sponsoring the event are some big names: SOZO, Kinokuniya, Japan Foundation, etc. Holy shit, these guys must have more power than the energy mafia in Indonesia. And it also promises an appearance of Danny Choo, who I know doesn’t make appearances for pleb-level events. You can all that, and a complimentary gift, for the low price of IDR 100K. Yep, a SAF ticket is cheaper than a large pizza at Domino’s.

Please let me relocate my sides, which seemed to have blasted off into the final frontier where no sides have ever gone before.

I immediately got into contact with a guy at SOZO and they don’t even know of such event, let alone agreeing to sponsor it. I didn’t have to anyway; I knew the poster was a fucking joke from the beginning.

But, considering the tragic DAF incident, I will continue to deliver this PSA: use your fucking common sense on the Internet. If something is too good to be true, it usually is. After DAF, weebs across Indonesia should at least maintain a high degree of skepticism when it comes to weeb events like this. Check the backgrounds of the event organizers, call the contact person or associated sponsors to confirm the event, and please, for the love of whichever God you choose to believe in, quadruple-check the facts.

By the way, the last known whereabouts of Aldo “Si Botak” (the motherfucker behind DAF) was in Surabaya. Perhaps this is another scheme?

I sincerely hope this stupid poster is just a sample project of a college student majoring in graphic design for their “Introduction to Layout” class. Or just a random joke to give us the sugary sweetness of drama in our boring, dreary lives.

Dewata Anime Festival – The Aftermath

UPDATES (2 October 2015):

1. KKO management has reported Aldo “the Bald” to the police. However, their report seems fishy, as it does not resemble an official police report. Compare this official police report taken from Google Images…

How a real police report should look like in Indonesia.
How a real police report should look like in Indonesia.

…with KKO’s report. See the difference?

What KKO’s report looks like

2. Discussion regarding refunds are still underway. The results of meetings have been kept secret. It is believed to be that way to prevent the spread of misinformation. There is a possibility of 100% refunds (unlike the previous 50%-75% refunds); however, details like WHEN and HOW refunds will be paid are still being discussed.

 Okay, so it has been 24 hours since DAF got fucking cancelled. And now, for damage control. A lot has happened in the last 24 hours, including statements of disappointment from guest stars to a fricking house raid and negotiations. Let’s explore more, shall we?

Different Treatment for Different People

I remember how it was when Seni2Negeri was cancelled. People online, especially those affiliated with a certain cosplay group, were extremely militant and merciless about the event. At that time, KKO “escaped” their responsibilities by acting as a third-party, leaving DNA to handle the angry masses.

Now that DAF has been cancelled, the reactions from these same people are now different. They seem to be defending KKO, putting them in the position of “victims” due to Aldo’s actions. Some even pretended to have partial amnesia and made Aldo a scapegoat for the failure of KKO. Sounds more like denial to me.

Why this happened, I can’t say for sure. However, what I stress here is that this entire disaster is and should be the fault of KKO as an organization. Though it was Aldo that took away the money, the guys at KKO should have seen it coming and took the necessary precautions. For this disastrous blunder, I believe they and all members deserve to be blacklisted from the event organizing landscape.

A Flurry of Guest Star Disappointing Statements

Up to now, I’ve read many posts from guest stars invited to DAF expressing their disappointment regarding the cancellation of the event.

Let’s start with Katy and Mira, which I feel is the most polite. Best quote: “Now we can study for midterms in peace”
11025962_495005370680860_4723000166122175891_nNext, we go to SAIDA Cosplay and Misa TW, both of which are straightforward and short.

12047119_495054520675945_2955280811312245371_n 11224271_495010394013691_8010194198986875437_n

But it is Pinky Lu Xun’s rant that takes the entire cake. You can access her rant here, in her FB note. In the note, Pinky provides a detailed explanation about her encounter as a guest star with KKO management. She warns the community to be aware of scammy EOs. She also tells about how rude they were, for example, using her photos and Ying Tze’s without permission and prior to an official contract. What’s interesting is her mentioning a certain clause in the contract which basically forces her to pay IDR 20 million to KKO if she bails; whereas, if KKO bails, they only need to talk it over. Not fair, right? Another interesting part is the sudden takedown of Lion Air as a sponsor. It only happened AFTER Pinky was contacted. Coincidence? Suddenly Lion Air drops their sponsorship JUST BECAUSE Pinky is afraid of flying on their airline? Wow, Pinky’s more powerful than Jesus.

A Nation-wide Response

This failure has also contributed badly to Bali’s track record. In 24 hours, this failure has been reported in multiple websites. Check out GwiGwi and Duniaku (yeah, really cool of you douches to just translate my entire article and modify it). Even KAORI has a short piece for it.

Even artists and dank meme lords have stepped up. Aldo “the Bald” Kotakotak has become a fucking meme, spawning many videos making fun of his shiny bald head. Take this one for example:

However, I rate it 0/10 because no MLG, no Smoke Weed Everyday, and no Doritos.

Ghosty Comics, a well-known artist and weeb satirist also published this comic.

Credits to GHOSTY
Credits to GHOSTY

And let’s not forget The Yokai Times, the best weeb satire digital newspaper in Indonesia.

Stolen from Yokai Times.
Stolen from Yokai Times.

But what is absolutely jaw-dropping… METRO TV, a national news network, has caught on it! A legit media, one used during the presidential campaigns and one of the major news networks in Indonesia, fucking knows about this failure! They published this news piece earlier.

Shit, Bali’s reputation is done for. Pack your bags, weebs. No more events for you! In the words of a wise man, “DAF is like the Bali Bombings. Instead this time, it’s for the weebs.”

A Call to Arms

A manhunt has been issued. Aldo “the Bald” is now on a hit list. His room was searched, but people found nothing. His FB page was deactivated, but it resurfaced with the name Dimas Gunadi. His last known whereabouts is in Jakarta.

Angry weebs stormed KKO’s office and engaged the remaining staff (or the cleanup crew) to negotiate a truce. These are the terms that are to be settled:


Let me translate and summarize.

Those who bought tickets will be given a 50% refund. A 75% refund will be issued for booth tenants and those who applied for accommodation. These refunds will be issued within 3 months after a deal is signed. As collateral, KKO provides 3 motorcycles.

Seems ok? Fuck no. A 50% refund on tickets? Dude, if an event fails, we want our entire money back. For me, personally, I don’t fucking care. I’ll just let go of that 60K I wasted. I consider it equal money for learning a lesson. But, others are not as forgiving as me. Consider the people who bought VIP tickets that cost upwards 150K. That’s a lot of money here; I can take my girlfriend out for a nice dinner with that cash and still have some left over for gas.

Another Event Lies in the Crosshairs


After DAF, the event Tokyo Fiesta, an annual event commemorating the birthday of Dewata Cosplay, is to be held. Oh great, it’s managed by fucking KKO again. So I’m expecting the event to be a fucking disaster all over again.

It has suffered a similar fate with DAF. Changing locations and dates, uncertainty regarding guest stars, and an unclear future. Though the above image says August 16, it has been moved to the end of October in a different location. If it does crash and burn again, then that’s THREE failed events handled by KKO.  And also another field day for me.

A Grim Prospect

The story is still developing. But I already see a lot of grim prospects for the future. The guest stars are obviously pissed, the people are angry, and I’m here sipping tea and jacking off to a Nao Tomori cosplay JAV. Okay, just kidding; it’s not Nao Tomori, but Chika Arimura cosplaying as different waifus. Anyway, because of this single event, Bali’s reputation has been scarred greatly. And I doubt no more international guest stars will bother coming to us.

They wanted to put Bali on the map of good international weeb events. They did way beyond that. They fucking took a can of black paint and smothered Bali entirely so nobody would even bother cleaning it up or come near it.

Never again.

Fool Me Twice, Shame on Me: Dewata Anime Festival Crashes and Burns

MAJOR UPDATES (30 September 2015)

1. Added more images. Also, the perp has been identified as “Aldo” and the motherfucker looks like this:

Hey bitches, thanks for the money!
Hey bitches, thanks for the money!

2. Also, KKO has issued a written apology to GWK for cancelling the event. Yes, apology is good and all, but some people will want their money back, especially booth tenants and VIP ticket holders.12045375_963786070345200_7716796421152324753_o

3. A representative of Larva ID, one of DAF’s media and transport partners, has spoken up. In his FB post, he tells that after being treated to a club by KKO, his money was stolen; a total of IDR 15 million.

4. Arisa Chow, one of the guest star cosplayers, has confirmed her disappointment re cancellation of DAF. 2015-09-30

A long while back, I was promised an event that could rival the scope of AFAID. They called it Dewata Anime Festival, or DAF. It was said that DAF would have guest stars that even AFAID can’t imagine. A bunch of cosplayers, and even fucking Babymetal! Wow, go dig a hole and die in it, AFAID!

But what happened? DAF got fucking cancelled because some asshole decided it was funny to run away with another person’s money.

Now, I’ve been doing a lot of snooping around because this event was very, very suspicious. I’ve contacted several friends who were close to the people running the event and I have a well-connected source of information. So, let me finally share what I know to the public.

It Started Out with Seni2Negeri, Now We’re Here

For those of you who don’t know, revisit my old blog post about an earlier event that was also managed by Kotakotak Organizer (KKO) called Seni2Negeri Natsu Gakuen. The event was cancelled at the last minute because someone ran away with the event’s money. Now, imagine that!

DAF is also organized by KKO, and for quite a while, they embarked on a marketing campaign to spread the hype of DAF. The fanpage was up and pre-sale tickets were on sale. Everyone thought it was going to be a good event. I even bought a pre-sale ticket, just to make sure I’d keep the date open in my schedule. They posted updates about guest stars, about Babymetal which backfired on them because Amuse Asia Inc. confirmed that there were no Babymetal concerts scheduled in Indonesia, and even provided tour packages for people. All to look like a huge event.

Now, let me break it to you. I’ve had suspicions ever since Seni2Negeri failed spectacularly. While KKO claimed they were only providing event consultation services and guest star connections for the event, I’ve heard otherwise from my inside guy. My inside guy (let’s just call him Fat Bob for now) told me that there was collusion within DNA and KKO to dupe people of their money. After everything went to shit, some high-ranking douche in DNA ran away, leaving the event in shambles and made the rest of the members as scapegoats. Rumor has it that this exact guy is now a head honcho of KKO.

But let me stress that those are just rumors. Whether they are true or not, I cannot tell because I heard it from a tertiary source. Please take it with a large grain of salt.

A Big Event, Yet So Poor

What do you guys expect from a big-ass event that is said to rival AFAID? I’ll cover the things I noticed that DAF was doing wrong. And bear with me, it’s a fucking long list.

First of all, the reputation of the organizer. KKO appeared like, around a year (?) ago in Bali. They have had no significant portfolio of handling events, yet they’re suddenly handling a huge event like this? You gotta start small and not bite off more than you can chew. Start with small events and build a reputation. That’s not what happened with KKO. They suddenly appeared and began organizing huge events. But, as a Balinese might know, organizing events, especially international events, in Bali is really hard shit. Because you need all the right connections, enough money to pay hidden costs, and many permits from different people.

Second, sponsor fraud. Look at this poster of DAF… or at least the Road to DAF pre-event. Look at the sponsors. Now, I’ve noticed some real odd shit there.


For example, take Citilink and Lion Air, two budget airlines in Indonesia. Doesn’t it strike you as VERY ODD that two companies, both competing in the same line of business, suddenly decide to do a truce and sponsor the same event? What the flying fuck, man? Lion Air is removed from the newest poster, though.

Newest DAF poster
Newest DAF poster

Then, check out Pocari Sweat. Now, I have this guy (let’s call him Orwell Incarnate for now) who has links to Otsuka, the company that makes Pocari Sweat. Otsuka’s reps deny any involvement in the event, including agreeing to sponsoring it. As for the other sponsors, most of them have yet to receive a formal MoU regarding sponsorship.

Third, no good advertising. For those in Bali, have you ever seen DAF being featured by the island’s TV network? Or even in the daily newspapers? Or heck, alongside torn-up banners of anti-reclamation protesters at major intersections? Fuck no. You think, for an event that huge and with sponsors that good, they’d have money to AT LEAST print an ad in a newspaper or air one through the radio.

They also once posted about a large banner hanging in front of the venue. But, here’s a comparison. On the left is the banner claimed to be hung near the venue. But on the right is an actual photo of the venue taken on 24 September 2015, during the Eid-al Adha holiday. Notice the difference?

daf shit

Fourth, guest star problems. The first problem was with Babymetal. DAF promised Babymetal, but Babymetal wasn’t coming because they were on tour and we’re not a significant enough place to stop by. Perhaps it’s the weebs. Anyway, DAF quickly apologized and retracted the statement. But, it was enough to raise suspicion. Later on, DAF began to announce guest star cosplayers one by one. Famous names were mentioned, from Misa TW to King TW. Some even confirmed their intention to participate in the event through their respective social media accounts. It all seemed too good to be true. Cosplayers from around the globe converging in Bali? Might as well move Comiket here. But it just stopped there. There were no further updates regarding the status of the guest stars. I don’t even know if they know the event’s fucking cancelled! They might be on their way, or worst, already be in Bali this week!

Fifth, venue problems. I used to organize events when I was in college, and believe me, the hardest thing to do is to get the venue in place. To reserve the campus functional hall, we needed a lot of paperwork and three months time prior to the event. What happened with DAF? They fucking changed the location THREE TIMES. Yes, THREE. Not once, but THREE FUCKING TIMES. Unprofessionalism at its best.

The first venue was at the city sports center (GOR Lila Bhuana). It’s a great place to host events because it’s spacious, but I couldn’t see how they were going to fit 4,000 people there. Anyway, I let that slide. Now they come and tell me the venue’s been moved to Mertasari Beach. Okay… so from a sports center to a beach? Fuck man, you really got no theme going on. It stayed that way for a couple of weeks, until finally, a week ago, they announced it was moved to Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK), a premier location in the south of Bali. So, from the beach to the hottest fucking place in Bali? Seriously man?  And you’re going to fit 50K people in that place?

Problems began to arise as I dug in deeper into the venues. First, I tried out Mertasari Beach. Because I’m a lazy fuck, my girlfriend scouted out the location. She did confirm that there were people building stuff there. There were sacks of cement, people placing stones, and loud noises from the cement grinding machines. It looked like they were building a road or something. So, I cross-checked with DAF’s page. They announced that the construction at Mertasari was for DAF infrastructure.

August 2, announcement on DAF page.
August 2, announcement on DAF page.

Really? Was it really that easy to gain permits and hire a bunch of builders? Besides, there was only a month to the event and now you’re building shit? Doesn’t make sense dude. Then, Orwell Incarnate tipped me off, told me that the construction at Mertasari was NOT for DAF, but was conducted by the people in the village to create a public parking lot and repair the damaged roads.

11824923_933466850043789_1587255010858251044_n 11796375_934458303277977_472379802084060710_n

That made more sense and I concluded that KKO was lying about the venue. Next, I tried to dig into GWK. Orwell Incarnate proved to be a wonderful asset. He had connections with the management and found out that indeed, KKO did approach GWK management and propose the event. KKO did that 3 months ago and all they brought with them was a rough draft. GWK management told them to try again next time and draft a better plan. So, they came back a while later, but still with rough plans. I don’t know why GWK management suddenly decided it was a foolproof plan, considering safety measures and necessary permits were not concluded, but they posted anyway on their social media. (It is now deleted, check it here.) However, here’s a screenshot (courtesy of Orwell Incarnate) of DAF poster being posted on GWK’s official website.


Sixth, shady statistics. I’ve been suspicious of their ticket stats since the beginning. It all started when I was in a discussion with Kevin Wilyan, the head of KAORI, several months ago. KAORI was approached by DAF to become a media partner. In the proposal, DAF stated that they have sold over 4,000 tickets. But that was odd, considering they only printed 500 pre-sale tickets. Now, just recently, DAF announced that they have sold over 50K tickets. They even provided detailed statistics listing region and amount of tickets sold per region. Just to show off. You never do that in business because it’s not polite.

Which made me even more suspicious, because look at Jakarta, where over 13K tickets were sold.


DAF was supposed to be held on 2-4 October 2015. AFAID and Comic Con happened on 25-27 September 2015. That’s a week apart. You think, after splurging money on idols, toys, and Anisong concert, 13K people have the right mind to head to Bali for another weeb event? Yeah right. Weebs are rich, but not that rich. Besides, if 13K Jakartans suddenly came to Bali all at once, plane tickets would be fucking sold out man.

Seventh, no clear rules on competitions. My girlfriend was enthusiastic about finishing her costume before DAF. She already registered as well. She was intrigued by the millions of prize money. Anyway, I’ve been helping her out while trying to lower her expectations because I’m a fucking pessimist. I was right.

So, the cosplay competition was split into three categories: Team, Single, and King & Queen. Both had different amounts of prize money, but the total reached over 50 million IDR or something. Tempting, but too good to be true. After she registered, she received no further contact from the event organizer. No notice of what to prepare, aside from BGM, and no notice of a Technical Meeting beforehand. Very unprofessional.

Eighth, shady transport business. Unlike any other event, KKO provided tour packages for people living outside Bali so that they can enjoy the event. I was really skeptical of this because not even an event as large as AFAID would dare doubly act as a tour company. They provided 2 options: via plane or via bus. All included accommodation, food, and DAF tickets.

10483232_928441547212986_8259484467559042767_n 11882671_944710878919386_4746113815869305647_o

A Black Record for Future Events

So those are eight suspicious aspects of DAF that I’ve managed to scrounge up during the past months. What I’m concerned about now is not my lost money (me and my girlfriend both lost 60K in tickets), but rather the future of weeb events in Bali.

This is the SECOND TIME an event has failed, both under KKO’s management. This really calls into question the competency of KKO staff and the organization as a whole. They should be fucking disbanded right now and their members put in jail for fraud. If they’re not in jail, then I deliver this as a PSA: DO NOT TRUST ANY EVENT ORGANIZED BY KotaKotak Organizer. EVER.

Next, I worry about this event being a black stain on Bali’s reputation. Guest stars have been contacted, arrangements have been made, and even tour packages have been made. Prospective event-goers have made plans, only to find the event cancelled. Imagine the crushing pain when you’ve already booked plane tickets and a hotel room, only to find the event cancelled just because an asshole thought it would be a hoot to run off with the money. I’m afraid that guest cosplayers would leave bad reviews and unofficially “blacklist” Bali as a destination. Then, no more weeb events. At all. All of this damage, just because of one stupid asshole and poor management.

I wish to retract a statement I made before. I said that it was a good time to be a weeaboo in Bali. I was wrong. It is definitely NOT a good time to be a weeaboo in Bali. I hope this is the last time I — no, we — are duped. Never again.

An Update on Bali Weeaboo Events: Cancellations and (Potentially) False Promises

You guys remember when I said it was a great time to be a weeaboo in Bali? Well, fuck that shit.

Seni2Negeri Fails Spectacularly

The first event on the roster, Seni2Negeri Natsu Gakuen managed by Dewata Nihon Academy (DNA) has already crashed monumentally and blew up in an orgasmic and angry shade of red. Weebs were infuriated by the lack of communication from the EO, and even the partner EO abolished their partnership. And now, it’s up to DNA to salvage the situation and at least save themselves from the wrath of angry weebs.

You’d think that once they failed, they’d have the decency to at least issue a formal apology (not a bullshit one like on their event page) and try to refund tickets. They did that, actually. Last month, a meeting was held between DNA, booth owners, and the general weeb public to discuss what should happen. Luckily it didn’t end up like Battle Royale (though I really wanted for that to happen; I wasted my time popping popcorn in the microwave). Refunds were to be commenced as soon as possible. Everyone was expected to remain calm.

And now, on the 6th of July, just when I was checking my FB news feed after a jog, I found more shattering news. Take a look:


In sum, DNA has agreed to refund ONLY tickets priced at 100K (for the general weeb public). These tickets were the last wave of tickets sold to the general weeb public and were regarded as “regular tickets”. Sounds great? Think again.

During the first phase of their sales, DNA sold tickets that were priced at IDR 25K. These were known as “pre-sale” tickets. Now, since there was only a limited amount (around 600 according to Kotakotak Organizer, DNA’s partner EO), these tickets sold out like a fat American drinking beer on Independence Day. As for the refund of these 25K tickets, Kotakotak Organizer has agreed to exchange them for tickets to another event they’re hosting called the Tokyo Fiesta (not discussed here).

After these pre-sale tickets were gone, DNA issued another batch of pre-sale tickets, only this time, they were priced at IDR 50K. They have deleted the post on their page, but luckily, the Internet never forgets. See the pic below.


In the post, DNA explicitly states that 50K tickets are also regarded as legit pre-sale tickets. Also, see that Rp 50.000 on the left side? These tickets were sold at 50K a piece. This means that these 50K tickets should also be refunded. But here’s where things get fucked up. In the comment thread of Pic 1, the admin states that 50K tickets ARE NOT eligible for refunds. DNA admin also goes as far as denying they even sold 50K tickets in the first place, despite evidence showing otherwise. Go deeper into the comment thread and you’ll find the admin being a total dick.


This is a real problem. It shows a major blunder from DNA. It’s like they’re not even trying to set things straight. It’s like they’re trying to run away from responsibility. It’s like they’re asking disgruntled weebs to come at them with pitchforks and dakkimakuras. And how is it that this admin still alive?

Anyway, for DNA, my condolences. Next time, when you try to organize an event, get your crew in check. Make sure they’re trained in public weeb relations.

False Promises from Dewata Anime Festival

With Seni2Negeri out of the picture, it now falls on to Dewata Anime Festival (DAF) to become the beacon of hope for Balinese weeaboos. So far, they’re doing quite well. They began promoting tour packages, both domestic and international, and cosplay guest stars are confirmed to come. Tickets are still on sale. All seems to be going well.

A minor issue regarding guest stars happened a while back. Ying Tze was displayed as a cosplay guest star on DAF’s official poster, but Ying Tze herself has not concluded a contract with DAF.

Another issue happened last month regarding DAF’s guest star lineup. You might have heard about it.

On their page, DAF revealed Babymetal as a confirmed guest star for DAF (the post has been deleted). This caused a sudden uproar. Amuse Singapore, Babymetal’s official rep in Southeast Asia, declared that Babymetal has no scheduled appearances in Southeast Asia. Of course, this caused confusion among people. Their hopes of seeing underage girls trying hard to play metal music were diminished. DAF then changed their post, saying that they’ll wait until Babymetal officially announces their appearance.


What is it with false promises and Bali weeaboo events? Is it a marketing ploy to increase publicity? Whatever it is, the “fake” announcement was a real dick move by DAF. I guess someone’s getting fired over there. Also, since the event will be held in November, there’s still some time for DAF to conclude an agreement with Babymetal. I just hope things go well, not like Seni2Negeri and their failed  attempt to get JKT48 to come to Bali.

All in all, with an event failing spectacularly and another I’m still skeptical of, I really consider retracting my statement of now being a great time to be a weeaboo in Bali. Now back to watching my Chinese cartoons in peace.