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No, Shinkai is NOT the new Miyazaki

Only good news has been heard about the movie Kimi no na wa. For example, it has passed the 20 billion yen mark. It’s being considered for an Oscar nomination, which is amazing since Americans have really shit taste in what they watch (at least Spotlight was great). RADWIMPS is even getting in on the glory, with their song being on the top of ratings. Due to Kimi no na wa.’s seemingly endless hype train, which only seems even more ascertained since the movie has just hit Indonesian theaters (which also means “get ready for the cancer”), there are also some who are equating Shinkai to the glorious godfather, Hayao “Anime was a mistake” Miyazaki. This hype is not unjustified; Kimi no na wa. has indeed trumped over two of Miyazaki’s highest grossing filmsKaze ga Tachinu and Ponyo.

However, is Shinkai really the new Miyazaki? More importantly, should we think that Shinkai is even close to Miyazaki? My stance on that is no, Shinkai is NOT the new Miyazaki. Continue reading No, Shinkai is NOT the new Miyazaki

Channel the Weeb Power for Good!

You’re a weeaboo or otaku. I get it. Or, if that term conjures the images of fat, smelly men cuddling with body pillows that reek of semen or equally fat and smelly women heavily breathing over a monthly issue of “It’s not Homo; It’s Yaoi desu!”, you might at least prefer to be called a “Japanophile”. I get the part where proclaiming as one of the three terms above makes you feel unique and special, often to the point where your friends and peers would just shake their heads and mutter “Almighty Chinchin-sama, please grant me the sweet release of death so I can be rid of this fucking cancer”; I was once like that in junior high school. But as I grew up, I realized that I could be what I called a “positive weeb”. I didn’t have to live up to the stereotypical weeaboo/otaku/Japanophile character.I could channel the power into things more closely related to reality.

A reminder before we start. All of this is my anecdotal experience. I’m not saying that if you follow these tips, you can achieve the aforementioned objective. I’m just here to share, not to spew self-help bullshit that I despise.

Let’s carry on now, shall we? Continue reading Channel the Weeb Power for Good!

Is the 3-Episode Rule Sacrosanct?

Usually, when a new lineup of anime comes out, a time-honed question pops up: Is that anime worth watching? And sometimes, the answer to this question is “3-Episode Rule, bruh,”

By God knows what, fans of anime, or weebs, have long held the 3-Episode Rule as a sacrosanct standard in judging the quality of an anime. The 3-Episode Rule goes as follows:

If a certain anime still subjectively sucks after 3 episodes, drop it.

However, is it fair to judge an anime, even so to deliver a verdict of its subjective “worthiness”, simply based on the contents of the first three episodes? I don’t think so.

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Can We Stop with the Ecchi Stuff, Please?

I’ll admit, I haven’t ranted for a long time. Mostly because things have been quite calm in the weeb-verse, save for a couple of incidents that I really don’t care about.

In most of my weeb life, I was never a person that really enjoyed ecchi or fans service in anime. Sure, I enjoyed some nice ecchi fans service, but as of late, ecchi jokes have become rather bland and cliche. Or I’ve grown desensitized to them. But, I’m not here to talk about ecchi fans service. It’s pointless to even talk about it because the industry’s gonna continue to use lewd fans service to attract perverts, which is the main source of income. Instead, I’ll be talking about the weebs that, to a large extent, glorify lewdness to the point where I’d be convinced that these people are closet sex offenders. Continue reading Can We Stop with the Ecchi Stuff, Please?

Building Better Otaku Communities


Recently, there was a major internal spat in an otaku community on Facebook. I’m not gonna even bother to censor names and mince words; yes, I am talking about the uproar that happened inside Komunitas Otaku Indonesia (KOI) S2. The spat was related to alleged nepotism and admin power abuse in a mascot designing contest, in which the winner was allegedly an admin. The contest involved a smartphone as a prize (a Xiaomi, was it? Who gives a fuck, anyway) and the contest was rigged so that the admin (or a friend of the admin) would win. Of course, the winning mascot design was called out as a fraud, because it was only a re-draw of an existing character with only modified colors and a style befitting that of the community. Now, I think there’s still a civil war going on. I don’t know, I promised myself no more drama after the big DAF fuck-up. Which reminds me, they’re still not refunding my tickets. What a bunch of fucktards.

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The Moral Crusade and Censoring Spree


Before I say anything, please take a minute to read that screenshot of the latest broadcast regulations issued by the Broadcasting Commission of Indonesia (KPI).

You done? Good, now let’s continue.

I’ve been wanting to rant about this stupid-ass holier-than-thou complex that’s been growing as of late. Once upon a time, the government censored Shizuka’s bathing suit, because… reasons. The next time, the Miss Indonesia pageant was had blurred chests, because… fuck you, that’s why. But it was only until this piece of legal regulation came out when I finally said, “Enough is enough. This is so fucking ridiculous even by Indonesian standards,”

In the past couple of weeks, the government has initiated this sort of “moral crusade” against homosexuals, transexuals, and nudity. Spearheaded by the KPI, this moral crusade takes form of (1) blurring out chests of women, animated or non-animated, and (2) by criminalizing male hosts or TV personalities who are thought to act in a gay or effeminate manner. All of this under the pretext of “protecting morality”, in which the narrative is further pushed with an anti-LGBT agenda and anti-nudity. Indonesia is becoming more conservative by the second, all because a bunch of elites feel that gay people and partially exposed titties on TV are an existential threat to the moral values of the nation.

Fuck them. Fuck them and this sanctimonious moral crusade of theirs. They can all go deepthroat dicks until their faces turn blue from asphyxiation. Continue reading The Moral Crusade and Censoring Spree

Should Cosplayers be Paid?

It’s now time for one of my unpopular opinions. Yesterday, I was at an event. It was a corporate event, sponsored by a company that sells Japanese vehicles. I don’t approve of these corporates using cosplay as a means for cheap advertisement and a crowd magnet. At least give them a form of reimbursement, like snacks or a small fee. Which brings me to the topic at hand. With cosplay becoming so mainstream, there are instances where cosplayers are “used” by certain companies, especially malls or large corporates, under the pretext of a “cosplay event”. Even though we know it’s total bullshit; they just attach the word “cosplay” to attract more people. Thus, the question that needs to be asked is: should cosplayers under these circumstances be provided with remuneration/reimbursement?

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