Grimgar: An MMO Anime that Actually Values Progress

I’ve finished binge watching Grimgar last week, but I needed some time to actually mull over the anime because it left quite an impression on me. You see, I’m a huge fan of MMO-themed anime. When Grimgar came out, I was like “meh, it’s probably another SAO”. But when I finally found a hotspot fast enough to batch-download the entire series (and eventually came to watching it), Grimgar had me glued to the screen and had me thinking a lot about how anime has come to shit these days.

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Can We Stop with the Ecchi Stuff, Please?

I’ll admit, I haven’t ranted for a long time. Mostly because things have been quite calm in the weeb-verse, save for a couple of incidents that I really don’t care about.

In most of my weeb life, I was never a person that really enjoyed ecchi or fans service in anime. Sure, I enjoyed some nice ecchi fans service, but as of late, ecchi jokes have become rather bland and cliche. Or I’ve grown desensitized to them. But, I’m not here to talk about ecchi fans service. It’s pointless to even talk about it because the industry’s gonna continue to use lewd fans service to attract perverts, which is the main source of income. Instead, I’ll be talking about the weebs that, to a large extent, glorify lewdness to the point where I’d be convinced that these people are closet sex offenders. Continue reading Can We Stop with the Ecchi Stuff, Please?

KonoSuba: Absurd Satire of the MMO

Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! - 09 (1280x720 HEVC AAC).mkv_snapshot_07.31_[2016.04.24_09.55.00]
*intense boob staring*

If you were expecting yet another overpowered protagonist like SAO, or the boring monologues and meticulous planning of Log Horizon, throw away all of your expectations and turn off your brain for a light comedy and absurd satire of KonoSuba.

Heck, in the first episode, a looping montage of Aqua and Kazuma’s lives is played to the tune of uplifting epic background music, which made me cringe. From there on, I knew this anime was not to be taken seriously, so I shut off my brain for a while and just enjoyed whatever KonoSuba had to offer.

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Ahotaku Learns How to Caw-fee, Day 1


No, I wasn’t inspired by Gochiusa. I’ve been interested with coffee ever since I had my first latte back in high school, but it was only when I was in college I started to develop a taste for coffee. So, because I’m a NEET freelancer with a lot of free time, I decided to take barista lessons. Just to add to my skill repertoire.

Next thing you know, this blog’s gonna get a huge revamp and be called “Anime and Cawfee”.

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Appreciating Anime: Is Waifu Love Real?

Admit it, we all fell for that one cutie anime girl. Every person has their own taste; for me, I always go for the cute twintails with pink hair. You dedicate yourself to that particular character. You laugh with her when she’s happy. You feel sad for her when it turns out that her mom’s dead and she now lives with an abusive father. You get enraged when a hentai doujin comes out and she’s getting penetrated in all orifices with phallic objects. You cry when she finally finds solace in a quiet suicide… okay, that’s a bit too far.

But, is your love towards this two-dimensional character real? Perhaps Bertrand Russell can shed some light on this. Continue reading Appreciating Anime: Is Waifu Love Real?

Final Fantasy XV Platinum Demo Review

The only reason I have a PS4 is so I can play FF XV. So, you bet I was more excited than a weeb peeing their pants over the Love Live Final. As soon as I knew about the Platinum Demo, I immediately downloaded it and spent some nice time tasting the new Final Fantasy world coming in September. Continue reading Final Fantasy XV Platinum Demo Review

Appreciating Anime: Aspect-to-Aspect Transition

Ever thought why Nichijou and Non Non Biyori and a lot of slice-of-life anime feature a lot of panorama shots or animated cities or daily activities that seem to have nothing to do with the story? You’d think they’re just filler, but that’s not the case. Fellow anime fans, what you’re seeing is called aspect-to-aspect transition, which is a pretty common feature in Japanese animation.

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