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Is the 3-Episode Rule Sacrosanct?

Usually, when a new lineup of anime comes out, a time-honed question pops up: Is that anime worth watching? And sometimes, the answer to this question is “3-Episode Rule, bruh,”

By God knows what, fans of anime, or weebs, have long held the 3-Episode Rule as a sacrosanct standard in judging the quality of an anime. The 3-Episode Rule goes as follows:

If a certain anime still subjectively sucks after 3 episodes, drop it.

However, is it fair to judge an anime, even so to deliver a verdict of its subjective “worthiness”, simply based on the contents of the first three episodes? I don’t think so.

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Serving the Fans: What is Fan Service?

A common debate that occurs every season, when a new series of anime comes out, is whether that anime is shit or not, judged solely by the amount of “fan service” it has. Or, belittling someone’s taste in anime just because the person’s preferred series is “fan service”. Or, “I watch anime for the plot“.

Fan service is quite ubiquitous in any entertainment industry. Not only in anime, it’s also present in books and movies and other works of art. But let’s keep it to the anime world for now. When we’re talking about anime, we almost always bring up the term “fan service to describe something that caters to the fans. This “fan service” is almost always presented in its most banal form, which is sexuality or the exposure of aesthetically-pleasing body parts, to please the viewers. But is fan service always about oversized anime tits and impossibly muscularly lean men in swimming trunks? Also, does an anime series suddenly lose its value just because it has a lot of “fan service”? Continue reading Serving the Fans: What is Fan Service?